Let him help with gardening all year to learn about seasons of growing.

Growing Activities for Preschoolers

by Rosenya Faith

She’s getting bigger every day and probably doesn’t even recognize it. In fact, she’s probably just learning about the concept of growing through all the new things she’s able to do. You can help her learn about her own body’s growth, how to keep it growing up healthy, as well as how there’s other things around her growing too.

Life in Pictures

Show him how much he’s grown already with a chart full of pictures of his life. Go through your photo albums with him and help him to pick out some of his favorite pictures since his birth. Once you’ve collected all the pictures, get out a big piece of poster board. Start at the top and help him to glue the pictures in place. Make sure there is plenty of room left over at the bottom of the board to add more pictures as he continues to grow. Hang the board up in his room and then add a new picture or two every couple of months to show him how much he’s growing. You can show him that other people grow too with picture charts of Mom, Dad and siblings.

Artful Growth Charts

Help your preschooler keep track of his own growing with a handmade growth chart. Start with a single long piece of paper or poster board. You can connect several pieces of paper together if one isn’t long enough. Draw your measurements in inches and feet along the length of the paper and then have your little guy decorate the chart with stickers, markers and crayons. Complete the activity by posting the chart on the wall and measuring him today. Add a little picture of him beside his measurement and add a new picture each time you record his growth on the chart.

Growing Up Fit

Growing up isn’t just a natural process, but an important job too. Teach your preschooler about the importance of healthy eating and exercise to grow up healthy and strong. Incorporate fitness activities into your everyday schedule. If you’re stuck at home how about hopscotch or a skipping rope contest in the backyard? On rainy days, have a game of freeze dance in the playroom or go on an indoor scavenger hunt. On warm and sunny days, go for a walk through the neighborhood or play at the park. With each activity, reinforce the lesson that all of these things help your preschooler to grow up healthy. You can do the same thing at every meal time. Talk about the health benefits of the different foods on her plate and why healthy food choices are important to her growing body.

Growing Plants

Teach your preschooler that people aren’t the only things that grow with her first little flower garden. Start off with a little pot filled with dirt. If you want to encourage her to be recycling savvy, use an empty egg carton instead and fill each section with a little bit of dirt. Have her add some seeds to the dirt, pour in some water and place the pot or carton in the window. As she completes her little tasks, you can discuss the things a flower needs to grow. Now she can watch in excited anticipation to see her seeds sprout their first leaves and then plant the little buds in the garden in the spring.


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