Gummy candies can represent bugs or worms in your dirt dessert.

Gummy Worm Kid Treats in Dirt

by Molly Thompson

When you're a preschooler, it's always fun to get permission to break the rules, especially the one about playing with your food. Add the gross-out factor of eating worms and dirt, and you've got a sure-fire kid-pleaser. Crushed-up chocolate cookies and gummy worm candies, along with some pudding or yogurt, are all you need to create an array of kid-friendly desserts.

Ooey-Gooey Treats

Give kids a dessert they'll love: put chocolate pudding in a small bowl or parfait cup and poke a few gummy worms down into the pudding. Sprinkle a generous layer of crushed chocolate cookies over the top of the pudding -- leave at least one or two worms sticking out. This culinary delight lets kids pretend they're eating mud, dirt and worms all at the same time. The fun is magnified by getting the adults to act sufficiently "grossed out" by watching them eat this gooey mess.

Dirt Cake

Make a dirt cake for your little nature lover's birthday party. Mix a chocolate cake according to your favorite recipe or the package directions and press gummy worms or bugs throughout the batter. Bake the cake until it is done, then allow it to cool. Spread chocolate frosting on the cooled cake, then sprinkle on the "dirt" layer of crushed chocolate cookies. Use gummy worms to spell the birthday child's name on the top, or make a trail of gummy worms around the sides and edges of the cake. For a fun alternative, give young party guests a small pail and let them crumble up some of the cake in the bottom, then layer with chocolate whipped topping and worms for individual dirt delicacies.

Cold Crumbs

Let kids make worm and dirt sundaes. Use tall, clear plastic cups or clean plastic jars so kids can see this concoction in all its dirty glory. Start with soft vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt. Let the kids mix in some chocolate sauce to turn their ice cream into slimy "mud" in the bottom of the dish. Sprinkle a layer of cookie crumb dirt over the ice cream mix. Add a layer of gummy critters, then repeat all the layers, ending with a final coating of dirt to top it all off.

Dirt Cereal Treats

Use your favorite recipe for crisped rice cereal treats. Turn regular cereal into "dirt" by adding some chocolate chips into the mixture -- as you stir them together, along with the hot melted butter and marshmallows, the chips melt to turn the cereal brown. Or make it easy on yourself by using the chocolate version of your child's breakfast cereal. Spread the mixture into a greased baking pan, then press crumbled chocolate cookies into the top. Arrange the gummy worms on top or make a parade of gummy bugs marching across the top. Let the dessert cool, then cut into kid-size chunks.

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