Some customers of Hair Club feel that they paid too much for the services.

Hair Club Customer Complaints

by Josienita Borlongan

People who have hair loss problems try to find ways to help alleviate their problems, even if it means spending a large sum. In their quests, some of them find their way in front of the doors of Hair Club, a company founded by Sy Serling in 1976 that currently operates several branches all over the United States. Hair Club, formerly known as Hair Club for Men, specializes in hair replacement products and services. Unfortunately, many customers feel that they have gotten the raw end of the deal and bring up several complaints against Hair Club.

Deceptive Practices

Many customers complain about deceptive practices by Hair Club to entice them into signing up for products and services but not delivering per the agreement. Some customers post their bad experiences through consumer forums such as,, and Some customers have gone to great lengths to sue and notify the Better Business Bureau in regards to Hair Club's deceptive practices.

Some customers stated that, initially, Hair Club quoted them a lower price, only to find out later that the price is much higher. One consumer, KRoss76, wrote on on December 12, 2009, likening the experience to falling to "bait and switch" after Hair Club told him initially he had to pay a $2,000 initiation fee and $95 per month thereafter. He found out later that the membership fees start at $249 per month until Hair Club put the hairpiece on his head.

Failure to Honor Refund

The Better Business Bureau processed four complaints for Hair Club located in Memphis, Tennessee, in the last 36 months as of May 2010. Of the four complaints, two were a failure to honor the refund policy.

In March 28, 2006, a customer wrote to how Hair Club does not honor its refund policy and refused to return her $500 deposit after finding out that the perks included were not what it promised her. Originally, the representative told her that she will get free hair styling, but later on, the attendant insisted she did not promise her hairstyling, only blow-drying. The Hair Club declined to return the customer's deposit and even prodded her to sue them if she wants her deposit back. Hair Club only decided to refund her deposit after several phone calls and threats of a lawsuit.

Itchy Scalp

A consumer code named MacGuy90680 wrote on the message board of on March 11, 2006, regarding his experience with the Matrix, which is a hair product attachment by Hair Club. Aside from noticing that the hairline was unusually thick, he felt severe itchiness on his scalp that would not go away. He had gone back to the clinic to have them fix the problem; however, all it did was add more glue. Hair Club later figured out the itchiness was due to the glue. After reattaching the Matrix with a different type of glue, the itchiness disappeared; however, the Matrix did not stay in place. He woke up with the Matrix completely peeled off onto his pillow. Hair Club instructed him to readjust and make it work on his own somehow, which did not turn out right. On top of it, Hair Club refused to give back even the partial amount of money he had paid.

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