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What Haircut Would Be Cute for a 15-Year-Old Girl?

by Pamela Simmons

The right haircut can make all the difference. If your 15-year-old daughter is looking for a change, she'll want a cut that is fashionable and fun while still being age appropriate. Finding the perfect haircut for your teenage daughter doesn't have to be tough. There are plenty of cute looks that will fit her style while making you happy too.


Bobs can be chic, prim and proper, or edgy depending on the cut, so your daughter can go conservative or fashion forward depending on her tastes. A shaggy bob gives hair more texture and lends itself well to beachy waves. A sleek, polished bob is just as fashionable. Your daughter can wear hers short at chin length -- ideal for oval and heart-shaped faces -- or let it fall right to the shoulders -- great for round-shaped faces. Add a few cool layers if your daughter's face is square-shaped to pull focus to the cheekbones.


If your 15-year-old doesn't want to commit to a major chop, have her try bangs instead. Bangs frame the face beautifully while leaving the rest of the hair as is. A blunt bang that falls just a bit past the eyebrow line is incredibly fashionable and ideal for softening square-shaped faces. It also complements girls with oval-shaped faces. Slightly curved bangs work best on round faces. When it starts to grow out, your daughter can sweep it to the side for a feminine twist that works just as well.


If your daughter wants a major change, a cute pixie cut is the way to go. Pixies can be worn super short or a bit longer and look fantastic on round faces. Heart-shaped faces are best complemented by shorter pixie cuts. Your daughter can keep some face-framing pieces by opting for a longer sweeping bang in front to add a bit of extra dimension to her short 'do.

Longer Styles

Longer styles can be just as fashionable as shorter ones. If your daughter prefers to keep some length, have her try long, subtle layers, which help to tone down round and heart-shaped faces. Longer locks paired with sweeping bangs look fantastic on ladies with oval faces, while layered hair that falls a bit past the shoulders is perfect for square-shaped faces.

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