Plan fun mummy madness for your kids around Halloween.

Halloween Mummy Activities

by Zora Hughes

Images of mummies, with their creepy bandages and stiff gait, have become a classic standard of Halloween fun. From movies to haunted houses, your kids will encounter plenty of mummies during the Halloween season. To satisfy their mummy madness, help your kids engage in creative and entertaining Halloween activities focused on all things mummified.

Read about Mummies

Read age-appropriate books with your kids that feature mummies. For kids ages 4 and older, "Where's My Mummy?" by Carolyn Crimi, follows a little baby mummy looking for his mummy mama. For kids ages 6 and older, "You Wouldn't Want to Be an Egyptian Mummy," by David Stewart uses humor and hilarious illustrations to teach kids about mummification in Ancient Egypt and its rather unpleasant process. For kids ages 9 and older, "Mummy Next Door," by Marcus Emmerson, is the creepy and humorous story of a boy and his buddies who believe they have discovered a real mummy living next door.

Mummy Arts and Crafts

Make cardboard tube mummies with your kids by having them first glue googly eyes onto the an empty toilet paper tube. Have them cover the rest of the tube with paste, then wrap toilet paper all around it, except for where the eyes are. Cut out paper arms to glue to the tube as well. For a cute Halloween decoration, your kids can also turn pumpkins into mummies by wrapping gauze around the pumpkins. Use strong tacky glue to make sure the gauze sticks onto the pumpkin. The kids can then draw faces on the gauze, or use googly eyes and black construction paper to create a mouth.

Mummy Snacks

Bring your kids into the kitchen to create cheesy mummy bagel bites. Let the kids add tomato sauce to bagel halves, then place thick shreds of mozzarella on top, so that it resembles mummy bandages. Have them leave space for a mouth and eyes. Melt the cheese under the broiler, then let kids place pieces of olives or two cooked sausages for the eyes. You could also make mummy hot dogs with the kids, using canned crescent roll dough. Slice the dough into thin strips and let the kids wrap the strips around fully-cooked hot dogs to look like a mummy, leaving just a little space for the eyes. Bake the hot dogs and dough according to the package directions. Dots of ketchup or mustard can be used for the eyes.

Mummy Games

Plan mummy-themed games during a kid's Halloween get together. For one game, you can divide the kids into teams. Each team must wrap one person from head to tow using white crepe streamers to resemble a mummy. The first team that wraps its mummy the best, so that very little clothing or skin is showing, wins. Another idea is to have a few adults help you wrap all the kids with the crepe streamers, then have then "race" like mummies. To make it harder, the kids have to pick up something, like a miniature pumpkin or other Halloween items along the way. The kid who brings back all of their items and has the least damage to their mummy wrappings wins.


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