Instead of a traditional cushion, cover the seat of your chair in ruffled style.

How to Hang a Bubble Ball Chair

by Maria Magher

Hanging bubble ball chairs are just like those egg-shaped chairs that were popular in the 1960s, except they hang from the ceiling by a chain. Kids love them because they seem like cool, hanging pods, which can be fun hiding spaces or reading nooks. Adults love them because they can add a funky, retro vibe to a room. Adding a hanging bubble ball chair to your home isn't too complicated, but you want to make sure you do the job right so your bubble chair is safe for you and your family.

Run a stud finder over the ceiling to locate the nearest ceiling joist in the area where you want to hang the chair. Mark both sides of the joist and the center to ensure that you drill your hole in the middle of the member for the strongest screw connection.

Drill a pilot hole through the center mark using a drill bit slightly smaller than the shank of your eye lag screw. Be sure to drill straight up.

Install the eye screw by tapping it into the hole slightly with a hammer to set the threads then twisting it into the wood using a large screwdriver inserted through the eye for leverage (you can also use tongue-and-groove pliers or an adjustable wrench for leverage). Drive the screw until at least 2 inches of the threads are buried into solid wood, making sure to account for the thickness of the ceiling drywall or other finish material.

Measure the length of the chain attached to your bubble ball chair, in addition to the height of the chair itself. Ensure that you have enough space to hang the chair comfortably and to still give your legs room to hang over the sides.

Shorten the chain, if necessary, using bolt cutters. If there is no chain attached to the chair, you will need to add one that meets or exceeds the load rating of the chair.

Connect a snap hook to the chain on the end of your bubble ball chair and hook it to your eye screw. Your chair should now hang securely from your ceiling.

Items you will need

  • Stud finder
  • Drill
  • 3/8-inch eye lag screw
  • Hammer
  • Large screwdriver
  • Snap hook
  • Chain (as needed)
  • Bolt cutters (as needed)


  • Some distributors offer specialty hardware specifically designed for hanging bubble chairs. This may be preferable to using an eye lag screw in some applications.
  • Hang your chair in a quiet area of your house that doesn't get a lot of traffic. Not only will it make it a more restful place, but it will reduce the chance that your chair will be bumped into and swung around, increasing the risk of damage to the chair and the surrounding walls and furniture.


  • Confirm that your ceiling joists are suitable for the manufacturer's recommended load-bearing capacity of the chair. Joist for ceilings only (not floor joists for upper levels of the house) may be too small to support the chair and may flex enough to damage the ceiling finish.
  • Don't spin or twist in the chair. This can weaken the chain or loosen the eye screw, possibly causing the chair to fall.

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