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How to Hang Cellular Shades on a Fiberglass Door

by Cecilia Harsch

Hanging cellular shades on your fiberglass doors will keep the light from glaring across the television in the family room, or across the computer screen while your children attempt to complete their homework. Cellular shades also provide your family with privacy, but continue to allow light to filter through the shade’s honeycomb material and brighten the room. When hanging your cellular shades on your fiberglass door, be sure to create pilot holes for the mounting screws to avoid stripping the mounting hole.

Hold the cellular shade header against the fiberglass door. Adjust the position of the header until you are satisfied with its placement.

Place a level on top of the header. Adjust the header until the bubble inside the level’s horizontal glass tube floats between the tube’s two vertical lines. Ask an assistant to trace the top corners of the cellular shade header onto the fiberglass door. Set the cellular shade aside.

Place a mark on the door three inches to the right of the left corner trace lines. Place an addition mark three inches to the left of the right corner trace lines.

Line up the cellular shade mounting brackets with the three-inch marks. Be sure the brackets are set to the inside of the marks and the top of the brackets line up with the marks you made representing the top of the cellular shade header. Mark the bracket mounting holes on the fiberglass door. Set the brackets aside.

Attach a drill bit to your power drill at least one size smaller than the mounting screw provided with the shade’s mounting hardware. Drill through the fiberglass at each mounting hole you marked on the door to create a small pilot hole for the mounting screws.

Line up the pilot holes with the bracket mounting holes. Attach the mounting brackets to the fiberglass door with the supplied mounting screws.

Snap the cellular shade into the brackets mounted on the fiberglass door.

Lower the cellular shades. Insert the pins on the hold-down brackets into the small holes located on each end of the cellular shade base.

Position the hold-down brackets against the fiberglass door. Mark the hold-down bracket mounting holes on the door.

Pull the hold-down brackets from the shade base. Raise the cellular shade.

Use the drill to create pilots holes for the hold-down brackets’ mounting holes. Line up the pilot holes with the bracket mounting holes. Attach the mounting brackets to the fiberglass door with mounting screws provided with the cellular shade’s mounting hardware.

Lower the cellular shade. Connect the shade’s base to the hold-down brackets.

Items you will need

  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Drill bits – assorted sizes
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver

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