Skip the hefty and expensive stocking hangers this Christmas and opt for temporary adhesive hooks.

How to Hang Christmas Stockings Without Stocking Hangers

by Anne Goetz

Those stocking hangers in the department stores at Christmas are adorable, but, unfortunately, adorable decor usually comes with an equally high price tag to match its popularity. If you're stuck for a more-affordable -- or a less-permanent -- method of getting those stockings up onto the mantel for Santa to fill, skip the seasonal aisle at the superstore and head for the adhesive hook section. Adhesive hooks go up and come down without damaging walls or finishes; they're cheap; and they come in an attractive selection -- making them the ideal solution for your Christmas stocking dilemma.

Clean the the area of your wall, mantel or home where you wish to hang your stockings using a paper towel dipped in plain rubbing alcohol. Allow it to dry thoroughly. If your mantel is stone or brick, apply your hangers to the flat mantel top, as close to the edge as possible.

Peel the backing off your first adhesive hook and position it where you want your first stocking to hand. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the hook packaging for the best adhesion. Typically, you must apply the hook and allow it to set for 24 hours before adding weight. Repeat the process for the remaining stockings.

Test your hooks by adding the stockings. If you placed your hooks flat on the top of your mantel, hang the stocking tab over the hook and drape the stocking over the edge of the mantel so it lays flat against the front.

Conceal your hooks by adding an evergreen garland, fabric swag or a silk poinsettia stem. Depending upon the types of hooks you used, you might wish to let them show to add a decorative touch to your holiday decor.


  • If you're hanging stockings for Santa to fill with goodies, check the specifications on your adhesive hooks; use larger hooks that hold at least 5 pounds.

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