Moving a quilt from the crib to the wall requires an easy-to-make hanging sleeve.

How to Hang a Crib Quilt in a Nursery

by Ronna Pennington

There are a number of ways you can hang a crib quilt in a nursery, but only one way helps preserve the quilt's integrity. You must use a hanging sleeve. Clips have teeth that can damage the quilt. Draping it over a dowel or curtain rod can cause fibers to separate. A quilting sleeve is easy to add and is worth the short time it takes to make if you hope to preserve the quilt.

Prepare the Hanging Sleeve

Measure the width of your quilt. Most crib quilts are between 36 and 44 inches wide.

Cut a strip of fabric that is the same width of your quilt and 9 inches tall.

Preheat your iron. Lay the fabric strip on the ironing board right side down and smooth out any wrinkles by hand.

Fold each short end of fabric 1/4-inch toward the back. Press in place with iron.

Fold the short ends of fabric under again, 1/4-inch toward the back. Press in place. This hides the raw edges of the fabric.

Stitch along the pressed edges to prevent the raw edge from showing.

Fold the fabric in half width-wise with wrong sides together. Press with iron to crease. Your fabric strip should be almost as wide as your quilt, but folded so that it is now only 4.5 inches tall.

Sew the folded fabric together 1/4-inch from the raw fabric edges. Finger press the seam open, then flatten the tube by hand so that the seam is located on the back of the tube.

Attach the Sleeve and Hang the Quilt

Position the sleeve on the backside of the crib quilt, on the end from which you want to hang it.

Stitch the quilt sleeve in place by hand along the top and bottom of the fabric tube, being careful not to sew through the front of the quilt. A whipstitch or plain running stitch will suffice.

Mount the curtain rod hardware on the nursery wall in desired location. Follow directions included with hardware and use the proper tools.

Slide the rod into the quilt's hanging sleeve. Place curtain rod on its mounting hardware to display the crib quilt.

Items you will need

  • Tape measure
  • Crib quilt
  • Scissors
  • Fabric
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Curtain rod and hanging hardware
  • Screw driver or hammer (as needed for hanging hardware)


  • It's fine to use old scrap fabric for the quilting sleeve. It's purpose is functional and will not be seen.
  • You may choose not to hem the sides of the hanging sleeve since you pressed them under twice. Just insert the hanging rod carefully so as not to undo the pressing.


  • Exercise caution with the scissors and iron.
  • Do not sew through to the front side of the quilt when attaching the hanging sleeve.
  • Follow the curtain rod mounting instructions carefully.

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