Finger starfish have long, narrow appendages.

How to Hang Finger Starfish on the Wall

by Kathy Adams

The distinctive, elegant appearance of finger starfish -- a variety that features narrow and lengthy appendages -- lends to the display-worthiness of these sea creatures. As decor pieces, they serve as focal points on a wall, whether the starfish are painted or left in their natural shade. Select starfish of essentially the same shape for a uniform look, or mix shapes and alignments as you hang them on a wall for a varied look using any of the following methods.

Flip a starfish over, bottom side up, while a hot glue gun warms up. Determine which area of the starfish will point up, and align a triangular picture hanger so it will not be visible from the front. The hanger may fit along the back of one of the starfish "arms" or in the center, depending on the shape and size of the starfish. Move the picture hanger away and apply a dab of hot glue where the hanger belongs. Press the picture hanger base -- the area where you would normally attach the hanger to the back of a picture frame with a small screw -- into the hot glue. Let dry. Hook the triangular portion over a nail gently hammered into the wall.

Unroll several feet of jute twine from a roll. Wrap the twine around part of one of the starfish "arms," tucking the loose end through several layers of twine and tying it. Cut the piece of twine one or two feet beyond the length of the starfish, then tie the end of the twine to a nail on the wall. A dab of hot glue secures the twine to the back of the starfish if the twine slips easily.

Cut several strips of wide ribbon, each three to four feet long. Wrap one end of each ribbon over the dowel, hot gluing the ribbon to itself, creating a loop with the dowel inside. Align starfish along each ribbon in a desired location, creating one column of starfish along each ribbon. Hot glue the starfish to the ribbon. Tie twine around each end of the dowel to create a means to hang the wall art from a nail.

Items you will need

  • Triangular picture hangers
  • Hot glue gun with glue stick
  • Thin nails
  • Hammer
  • Roll of thin jute twine
  • Scissors
  • Wide ribbon
  • Dowel rod


  • Triangle picture hangers are hinged hangers similar to D-ring hangers but with a triangular shape on top meant to hold the picture wire instead of a half circle.
  • Place smaller starfish across the room on a table, or display a photo of starfish across the room to create a theme.
  • Mix a few seashells in with the decor, or hang an old rope fishing net, to enhance the seaside effect.

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