Add a horseshoe to your home to welcome good luck.

How to Hang Horseshoes

by Heather Montgomery

Horseshoes have represented good luck and fortune for centuries. Legend has it that a hoofed man walked into a blacksmith's shop to get his hoofs clipped. Instead of clipping the hoofs, the blacksmith put horseshoes on them. When the man -- the devil -- complained of the pain, before the blacksmith would remove the horseshoes, he made the devil promise to never enter a home that had a horseshoe hanging over the doorway. Even if you do not believe the legend, horseshoes add a rustic look to your western decor theme in any room of your house.

Stand on a ladder to reach the area you want the horseshoe to hang. Hold the horseshoe to the wall or above the door. Place a level against the heel of the horseshoe. Adjust it until it is level on the wall.

Use a pencil to mark each of the nail holes in the horseshoe onto the wall. Set the horseshoe aside.

Attach the drill bit inside your nail anchor kit to your drill. Proceed to drill holes at each of the marks you made on the wall. Set an anchor in each of the holes and hammer into place.

Hold the horseshoe on the wall, lining the holes in the horseshoe up with each anchor. Hammer a nail through each hole to secure the horseshoe against the wall. Choose a nail with a head slightly larger than the hole in the horseshoe to ensure the horseshoe stays on the wall.

Items you will need

  • Ladder
  • Level
  • Sharp pencil
  • Nail anchor kit for the wall
  • Drill
  • Hammer


  • By hanging the horseshoe with the open end facing up, it catches good luck for everyone in the home. When you attach it to the wall with the open end facing down, legend has it that good luck rains down upon all those that walk beneath the horseshoe.
  • You can paint the horseshoe and nails to complement your decor or paint the nail heads to blend in with the original color of the horseshoe.

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