Find poster putty at most home improvement centers.

How to Hang Posters Without Nails

by Michelle Ullman

Bare walls are cheerless and make a room look unfinished. Posters offer an inexpensive way to bring color and life to your walls. With everything from reproductions of classic paintings to pictures of cute puppies available, you can find a poster that pleases you no matter your decorating style or interests. If you live in an apartment or dorm, frequently rearrange your living quarters or just do not want to leave permanent holes in the walls, hang artwork with poster putty instead of nails to leave your walls pristine. This clay-like material adheres paper firmly to the wall, yet removes easily without leaving a mark.

Hold your poster against the wall, or have an assistant hold it in place. Decide on the exact positioning of your artwork, then use a pencil to make a very light dot on the wall to mark the poster's upper corners. You might want to stand back to ensure it is even and not tilted on the wall.

Lay your poster face down on a clean, firm surface.

Open the package of poster putty, and tear off a small piece. Roll it between your fingers to soften it, and press the putty into a flat disk about the size of a dime.

Press the putty disk firmly onto a corner of the poster, then repeat with the other three corners.

Add additional putty every six inches along all sides of the poster.

Place a putty disk every six inches down the center of the poster.

Position your poster on the wall, with the upper corners against the pencil dots. Firmly press the poster into place, rubbing your fingers over the top corners, then along the sides. Continue to smooth over each putty disk until the poster is securely adhered to the wall.

Items you will need

  • Pencil
  • Poster putty


  • When it is time to remove your poster, gently run your fingers under the edges, and lightly pull the poster putty off the wall. If the putty leaves faint marks, remove them with a cotton ball moistened in rubbing alcohol.
  • A level on the edge of the poster can ensure it is straight when the air bubble on the level sits between the two lines on the glass.


  • Keep poster putty away from small children. Though nontoxic, it is a choking hazard.

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