Chase away bad dreams with string lights in your child's room.

How to Hang String Lights Indoors

by Michelle Ullman

Tiny, twinkling lights give a magical glow reminiscent of fireflies, and come in a rainbow of colors, a wide range of styles and even whimsical shapes -- these string lights have decorative appeal that goes way beyond the holidays. Use the miniature lights in every room of your home to add romance, a soft glow or just a touch of fun in the kids' room.

Romance in the Bedroom

String lights are just as romantic as candles, but without the fire hazard. Wrap a strand of white or gold lights around your headboard, or outline a solid headboard with lights attached to the wall. If your bed is a four-poster, create a twinkling canopy by stringing lights back and forth between the posts. Drape a few lights along the curtains, or surround a mirror with light. Cast a magical glow by filling a glass vase or bowl with string lights and setting it on the nightstand.

Light Up the Kids' Room

There's no need for a nightlight when you have string lights. Use icicle lights to add a pretty, glowing touch to the curtains or the top of your child's closet door. Keep away scary thoughts that go bump in the night by running lights back and forth along the ceiling over your child's bed. Paint a tree trunk on an open wall, and then use green string lights to create the canopy of leaves. Fill a Mason jar with battery-powered string lights to re-create the magic of a jar full of fireflies. If your child is very young, be safe and wait until he's older before using string lights in his room.

Whimsy in the Living Room

You can find lights in the form of everything from apples to zebras, so whatever your interests, show them off with whimsically shaped lights over a doorway or along a shelf. If you prefer a more sedate style, match colorful string lights along the fireplace mantel with your living room decor, highlighting a bookcase or outlining the windows. Or use string lights to create a design on the wall. Weave lights into an abstract design, form a star or light up the family name.

Bathroom Elegance

Next time you have company coming for dinner or a party planned at home, use a strand or two of string lights to give the guest bathroom a touch of unexpected elegance. Weave white string lights around the shower curtain bar, or outline the top of the shower stall when not in use. Make reflections magical with gold or silver lights around the bathroom mirror. Add a touch of soft light to the room by running string lights around the baseboards, or along the top edge of the walls. Use two-sided tape or small hooks to hold the cords in place.

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