Mini bagels allow you to fulfill a bagel craving without blowing your daily calorie budget.

Healthy Ideas for Mini Bagels

by Jessica Bruso

Whether you are looking for a meal or a snack for you and your kids, mini bagels can be a good start. Each mini bagel has only 67 calories and provides 15 percent of the daily value for folate, and whole-grain mini bagels will help you get enough fiber in your diet. Pair your bagel with nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables for the healthiest snack or meal.


Pizza is a kid favorite, so you're sure to get them to eat dinner if you turn your mini bagels into pizzas, spreading them with a thin coating of pesto or marinara sauce and topping them with low-fat shredded cheese. Make your pizzas even healthier by adding finely chopped vegetables as well, such as mushrooms, green pepper, onions or broccoli. To avoid adding too much fat and sodium, don't add sausage or pepperoni, but you can add finely diced chicken if you want to boost your protein intake.


For a large snack or a small meal, use a mini bagel to make a sandwich. Try peanut butter or another nut butter and fruit, such as dried cranberries, raisins or banana or apple slices, or a bit of mustard with turkey, a slice of low-fat cheese, lettuce and tomato. Another option is a make a tuna melt using low-fat Greek yogurt for the tuna salad and low-fat cheese to limit the fat.


Serve your mini bagels toasted along with something to dip them in for a snack or appetizer. Try cinnamon-raisin mini bagels dipped in low-fat fruit yogurt, or make a garlic and herb dip with a mix of low-fat cream cheese and low-fat Greek yogurt to dip savory bagels into. Dip bagels in your favorite hummus, or melt low-fat cheese on your mini bagels and dip them into pizza sauce.

Sweet Treats

Mini bagels can also be used to make sweet snacks and desserts. Make cinnamon toast or blueberry bread pudding with mini bagels instead of bread; spread chocolate-hazelnut sauce on your bagel and top it with strawberries, bananas or another fruit; or make a mini fruit pizza by spreading a mix of honey and low-fat cream cheese on your bagel and topping it with your favorite fruit.

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