Entertain your tot with games about hidden treasure.

Hidden Treasure Games for Toddlers

by Laura Roberts

Sharpen your toddler’s observation and thought-processing skills with a series of hidden treasure games. He’ll be so enthralled with searching for pirate’s gold that he won’t realize he’s improving his reasoning powers. Play into a toddler’s natural curiosity with pirate-themed games to challenge his thinking skills.

Gold Scavenger Hunt

Take advantage of the familiarity of the format of an Easter egg hunt to hide plastic or candy gold coins around the living room. Use the opportunity to give your munchkin her own dusting rag, and use the positive reinforcement to train her that dusting is fun. As she swipes the bottom of the coffee table, she’ll be delighted to find a shiny coin rewarding her efforts. For another version, create a hidden treasure clue scavenger hunt while sliding in an introduction to shapes and colors. Use a series of clues like “Find the blue square.” When she finds the picture of the blue square, she’ll discover the next clue leading to another shape. At the end of the hunt, she’ll find a little chest of candy gold.

Board Games

Download the Bubble Guppies' pirate board game and spinner from Nick Jr’s website to go along with its “X Marts the Spot” episode. You can easily assemble the game pieces with tape or glue, a brass fastener and a hole punch. As another alternative, adapt a board game like Pirate-opoly or Lego Pirate Hunt to a toddler level by simplifying the objective. Use Pirate-opoly to teach your little one how to count as he moves his game piece around the board. When he lands on a certain color, he is rewarded with pirate treasure.

Card Games

Create hidden treasure flashcards to use with several toddler-friendly games. Draw on index cards or download pirate-related pictures of gold piles, treasure chests, eye patches, pirate ships, palm trees and cannons. To play Memory, shuffle the cards and place them face down. Take turns finding matches with your tiny competitor. Alternatively, shuffle the cards and play a version of Go Fish to make matches.

Online Games

Give your little one a first lesson in computer skills with an online hidden treasure pirate game. Highlights Kids offers a toddler version of its Hidden Objects game with hints, zooming in on the picture for younger eyes. Funschool.com also provides hidden treasure entertainment for tots with its Argh the Pirate game. Toddlers will enjoy the Treasure Island Hidden Objects game from PlayPink.com, which gears its games toward young girls.


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