Hide unattractive lamp cords behind furniture.

How to Hide Unsightly Electrical Lamp Cords

by Mary Cockrill

Electrical lamp cords are a potential hazard for curious or rambunctious children, and they certainly don't improve your interior decor. You can hide those unsightly cords with a variety of ingenious gadgets and decorating tricks. Choose the concealing technique that works best for each lamp, depending on its location, the cord length and your personal preference, to banish ugly cords from your presence forever.


Look to your home's accessories as possible hiding places for your unattractive lamp cords. Place a potted palm or floor vase in front of an electrical outlet in order to mask the plugged-in lamp cords. Place an attractive folding screen behind an accent table topped with a decorative lamp, tucking the lamp cord underneath the screen. Anchor the screen to the wall behind it to prevent it from toppling over on pets or kids. Keep lamp cords out of sight on shelving units when you place them behind books, framed photographs, pottery pieces, woven baskets or other home accents.


Furniture pieces offer ideal camouflage for unsightly lamp cords. Plug table lamps into electrical outlets that are located behind a sofa or chair to keep the cords under cover and out of the reach of small children. Hide bedside table lamp cords by plugging them into wall outlets located behind a headboard. Drape a lamp cord perched atop a solid furniture piece, such as a dresser, chest of drawers or armoire, down the backside of it to deliver total obscurity. Affix a small cup hook under a computer or home office desk to hold a lamp cord so that it's entirely out of sight. Velcro attached to the underside of your desk can also keep a desk lamp cord off of the floor and out of your view.

Area Rugs and Curtains

Lay area rugs over hard-surface flooring to give your feet a cozy spot to walk on, as well as a clever place to hide lamp cords. Area rugs allow you to float furniture pieces that are topped with table lamps in the middle of a room without stressing out over what to do with exposed cords. Secure the lamp cords to the floor underneath an area rug by taping them to the hard-surface flooring with a strong, durable tape, such as gaff tape. Loose lamp cords tucked under a rug may get bunched up from romping kids and pets. Floor-length draperies present a discreet hiding place for nearby table lamp cords. Pool your draperies onto the floor for a luxurious look with expanded cord-hiding power.


Small gadgets designed to keep electrical cords out of sight offer a variety of budget-friendly disguises. Conduits are pipes or tubes that cover and protect electrical cords, keeping them hidden from view and away from small children. Some wall-mounted light fixtures come with a matching conduit to offer a more uniform appearance. You can also paint a conduit with the same hue as your existing wall color to help it blend into the wall. Fabric cord covers add a soft touch with visual appeal. Small cable clips attached to the back legs of a console table allow you to thread a loose lamp cord through them, securing the cord against the furniture legs to keep it out of sight.

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