There are a variety of high tech products on the market to help you keep your infant safe.

High Tech Baby Safety

by Sandi Stritch

Parenting an infant can be exhausting. Most new parents are sleep-deprived, learning a variety of new skills and attempting to keep their infants safe both day and night. Luckily, there are a variety of high-tech products available today to make this job a bit easier. Whether you need a monitor to tell you if your infant is breathing at night or a sensor that tells you when a car seat is properly installed, there's a gadget on the market to help.

Always Follow Standard Safety Precautions

Although high-tech devices are wonderful for making day-to-day life easier for new parents, using them is not a substitute for basic safety techniques. Newborns are not ready for rough play or being left alone with pets or older children. According to the CDC, newborns should always be placed on their backs on firm bedding to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. If you have questions about your infant's health or think he may be ill, be sure to contact your doctor for a professional opinion.

Remote Cameras and Baby Monitors

There are a variety of remote cameras and advanced baby monitors available to help parents monitor their infants from a distance. These monitors allow parents to log in online and view their infant at daycare, work in another area of the home and check in on their sleeping infant, or simply get a good night's sleep while staying aware of their infant. Monitors range from simple remote cameras to advanced monitors that clip to an infant's clothing and monitor heart rate, temperature and sleeping position.

Innovative Car Seats

Car seats are becoming more advanced each year, adding features to help infants stay safe in the event of a collision. There are seats designed specifically to protect against side impacts, seats that close a protective cover upon impact and seats that work with special monitoring systems allowing the driver to remain aware of their child's behavior. Driving with a crying infant can be nerve wracking, and car seat manufacturers are starting to develop solutions for harried parents.

When you install a seat from The First Years that features new IAlert technology, you can pair your smartphone and your car seats. The included app allows you to monitor your child while in the infant seat, and alerts you if a problem develops. These car seat models also include side impact wings and rebound bars, new technology to reduce damage in the event of a crash.

Monitor Newborn Vital Signs

If your child has had a SIDS incident, or if you have a history of SIDS in the family, you may want to monitor your newborn more carefully during sleep. New sensors on the market allow you to carefully monitor your newborn's sleeping position, breathing rate and heart rate as he sleeps. These sensors monitor vitals throughout the night or your infant's nap, and alert you if his respiration rate drops.These novel monitors provide peace of mind for new parents who are concerned about the possibility of SIDS.

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