A cute monkey card will bring a smile your teen's face.

Homemade Cute Monkey Birthday Card Ideas for Teen Girls

by Wannikki Taylor

It's not just the little girls who love monkeys. Teen girls love monkeys, too. A teen daughter who is an animal lover would love a birthday card that features a cute zoo animal. Attach a monkey-themed card on her gifts as a comical way to wish her a happy birthday. Making a homemade monkey card will add a personal touch from you on her special day.

Monkey Head

A teenage girl will be surprised to receive a monkey card with a feminine touch. Create a monkey face by gluing two cream circles to the sides of a large brown circle for ears and one cream circle to the center of the brown circle for a mouth. Cut the circles from construction paper or card stock. Glue googly eyes above the mouth. Draw a smile on the mouth. Paste a pink bow ribbon atop the monkey's head. Print a birthday greeting such as, "Just monkeying around to wish my favorite teen a Happy Birthday" and paste it on the reverse side of the card.

Monkey's Banana

Monkeys are known for their admiration for bananas. Incorporate a monkey's favorite treat into a teen birthday card. Create a large banana shape from yellow poster board. Punch a hole in the top with a hole puncher. Draw or use a stencil to make a monkey to string through the hole. For a quicker option, attach a monkey key chain through the hole as a gift. Write the message, "Everybody's going bananas because it's your special day. Let's celebrate!," in large letters on the banana.

Pop-Up Monkey

A homemade pop-up monkey card will leave your birthday teen elated. Fold a piece of construction paper in half. Cut a monkey picture from a magazine. Cut a wide strip of paper from construction and fold it accordion-style. Glue one end of the strip to the center of the right side of the card and the other end to the monkey picture. Let dry. The monkey will pop out at your teen to surprise your teen when she opens the card. Write a birthday message on the opposite side of the pop up such as, "This funny monkey popped out of the zoo, to say, 'Happy Birthday' to you!"

Famous Monkeys

There are a plethora of movies that feature monkeys as primary characters, like "Curious George" and "King Kong." Turn her birthday card into a movie trivia game. Fold a piece of card stock over and create a collage by gluing pictures of famous monkeys on the front. Write trivia questions on the left inside of the card such as "Whose owner is a man in a yellow hat?" When she opens her card, inform her that the pictures of the monkeys on front will serve as clues to the answers. Write a birthday message on the right side of the inside.

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