Children love to make crafts for their parents.

Homemade Easter Crafts & Gifts for Parents to Make

by Rebekah Martin

Holidays are a perfect excuse to pull out the paper and glue and make crafts with your young child. Easter brings to mind spring, bunnies and eggs and there are many crafts that go along with the season. The crafts can be given as gifts to parents, who will love them forever - or at least until the next craft project makes its way to the refrigerator.

Hand Print Flowers

Nothing says spring and Easter quite like Easter lilies. Make them from your child's hand print to make it even more special. Trace your child's hand on a piece of white paper. Cut out the hand and curl it around so the two edges of the palm are touching; tape it together. Have your toddler color a little bit of yellow inside the palm so it looks like pollen. Staple the lily to the top of a green chenille stick stem. Your child can hand it to the recipient, or make several to place in a vase on the dining room table.

String Eggs

String eggs look cool, and are very simple to make. Insert a piece of Easter candy inside a balloon; it may take you a minute, just stretch the neck around the candy and push it in. Blow up the balloon so it's roughly egg shaped. You can make it larger than a regular egg. Cut strips of yarn into foot-long pieces. Use all one color or mix several yarn colors together. You will probably need 20 to 25 pieces for each egg. Let your preschooler put the yarn pieces in a bowl full of glue. When the pieces are saturated, have her lay the pieces over the balloon. Don't cover the entire balloon; there should be spaces between all the yarn pieces. Once the glue on the yarn has dried, pop the balloon and hang the yarn egg up. It will be a puzzle as to how the candy got inside!

Paper Tube Bunny

Cotton balls are soft like bunnies, and your child will love to use them to make her own bunny. Roll a piece of card stock into a tube and tape it in place. The tube should only be about three to six inches tall. Cover the outside of the tube with glue and let your child cover it with cotton balls. Cut bunny ears from white paper or craft foam and glue them just inside the tube. As an alternate to the tube bunny, draw a basic bunny shape on a piece of paper and let your child glue cotton balls to it. Cut out the bunny shape before giving it as a gift.

Rice Krispie Eggs

Not all gifts have to be displayed. Giving parents dessert is a great gift. Let the child help make the crisped rice treats. Mold treats into a basic egg shape; they don't have to be perfect. Melt white or milk chocolate chips and roll the eggs in it. Before the chocolate cools, let your child cover it with sprinkles. You can use colored sugar in pastel colors, or use multicolored sprinkles. An alternative would be to leave off the chocolate and sprinkles and simply use a colorful fruity rocks- type of cereal.

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