Commemorate Mother's Day with a darling card made by your little one.

Homemade Mother's Day Card Drawing Ideas

by Laura Roberts

"Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever." While those childish hands are still small, capture their artwork in a card just for Mommy. Celebrate the scent of spring in the air and Mother’s Day with a design made by little fingers, setting your mini artist to create an adorable masterpiece worthy of the memory box.

Card Bouquet of Lilies

Trace your little one’s hand multiple times on yellow and white copy paper and have her practice her scissor skills while cutting out the hands (with safety scissors, of course!). Once the hands are cut out, place your finger on the bottom of the palm and wrap the hand cut-out around your finger to make a lily shape. Use craft glue or invisible tape to secure. Glue the base of the lilies onto the front of a folded piece of card stock, and assign your tiny artist to draw stems, leaves and grass.

Bluebird Hand Print

Create a cheerful bluebird card that captures your child’s tiny hand print. Protect your work surface with a plastic tablecloth or newspaper, and wrap your little one up in an old T-shirt or apron before getting out the non-toxic finger paints. Squeeze blue paint onto a paper plate and let your munchkin squish her palm into it. Dab her hand onto another paper first to get off excess paint, and then carefully press her hand sideways onto a folded piece of card stock. After the paint dries, glue a wiggly eye onto the top of the palm and draw a beak coming out the side. Glue shredded brown paper in random patterns around the bottom of the “bird” to look like a nest.

Picket Fence

Design a whimsical picket fence card for Mother’s Day using craft sticks, tissue paper and markers. Squeeze lines of craft glue onto a folded piece of card stock. Have your child press craft sticks onto the horizontal lines, and then space glue dots evenly across the sticks for the upright fence pickets. While the fence is drying, let your little one practice cutting small circles of colored tissue paper. Pinch the circles in the middle and twirl to create tiny flower blooms for your child to glue onto the drawing. Have him use markers to decorate the scene with birds, grass or trees in the background.

Picture Perfect

Set your little artist to create a “fashionable” abstract card for Mother’s Day with a combination of patterned papers and his lovely drawing skills. Let him select a combination of patterned papers and cut them into triangles for the “dress.” Show him how to glue the triangles together in the center of the card. Next, he can draw a head, arms and legs coming out of the paper dress. Try to suppress your giggle as he seriously depicts his interpretation of your face and hair. Complete the card with a “Happy Mother’s Day” on the inside, and display his artwork to an admiring family.

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