Your kids might like to help you paint your yard decorations.

Homemade Summer Yard Decorations

by Renee Miller

Summer landscapes are rich with vibrant color and texture as gardens bloom and birds and butterflies flit about. Commercial yard decorations are attractive, but they may not have the personal flavor you’re looking for in your landscape and they may not be budget friendly. However, you can make your own summer yard decorations instead. Try to involve your family members for a fun project.

Birdbaths and Bird Feeders

A summer landscape seems incomplete without a birdbath or a bird feeder. The chirping sounds of your feathered friends are an inherent part of summer and including decorations like these encourage them to visit your garden. You may make birdbaths from a shallow ceramic bowl or a curved plate placed atop a tall tree stump or a wire plant stand. Decorate with broken tiles or glass rocks that are grouted in place. Old tin containers, interesting glass bowls or trays and serving platters also make interesting bird feeders.


You can repurpose certain objects as unique trellises. An old, rickety step ladder may be dangerous for use indoors, but in your yard it makes a rustic trellis. You can leave it as it is or paint it a bold color so it stands out. Plant climbing vines at the base and let them twine around the steps. Old wagon wheels hung from fences or a bike frame standing on its kickstand or leaning against a fence or planter also make visually appealing trellises that turn your climbing vines into a work of art.

Garden Spheres

Garden spheres are a whimsical addition to any summer garden, but you don’t have to go out and buy one at a garden center. If you have an old bowling ball lying around, a little iridescent, metallic or texture paint with a dash of glitter can transform it into a garden sphere. Placing it atop a stand, such as an old birdbath base, a tree stump or a wire plant stand, brings it off the ground and makes your sphere a focal point for your garden. If you don’t have a bowling ball, find large, rounded rocks and paint these. Set a cluster of them atop a garden table or a tree stump or place them singly on top of old tiki torches or along your fence posts.


Wind chimes offer aural and visual interest to your yard and they’re easy to make. This is a good project for your kids to help you with. Find items already in your home or yard, for example, old gardening tools, such as small hand trowels. Paint them and hang them in your yard. Use pieces with metal ends to get a chime sound. Small terracotta pots also work as garden chimes. Paint them with summer colors or designs or leave them bare. Insert a length of rope or chain through the drainage holes in the bottom of each pot and connect them to a larger pot. Hang your chimes from a porch, fence, tree branch or a trellis.

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