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Household Chore Descriptions

by Victoria Thompson

Household chores are never ending. It seems like those little dust balls become huge dust bunnies almost overnight. Time to get to work. So arm yourself with a broom and dustpan to get ready. If you're lucky, each member of the household has a job to do to bust the household dust. If they don't take part in the cleaning, feel free to assign duties to family members. Try to take care of one or two chores a day, so the load doesn't get overwhelming.

Doing Laundry

The key to doing laundry is to stay organized and consistent. Designate one or two days a week as laundry day, depending on the size of your family. Some poor moms have to wash a load each day to keep up with the demand for clean clothes. Correct that to just about any mom of a toddler or preschooler. Most importantly, color code your laundry, otherwise you'll end up with pink if you mix your whites and your reds or gray if you mix your blacks and your whites. Sit down and fold a basket at a time, with your feet up, watching your favorite TV show. Get a little pleasure out of laundry day, especially if you're doing this chore solo.

Shampooing the Carpet

This is one chore that you don't want to do daily. If you have carpets, it's a necessity to shampoo them periodically or else your entire room feels dirty and smelly. Your pet's fur, hair and crumbs get trapped deep within and make it hard for a vacuum to reach. Invest in a carpet shampooer or pay to have a company come in and do the work for you. If you buy one, at least you can use the shampooer whenever you like, without the extra cost. Keep your kids away from the carpet when they're eating and drinking, unless they plan to help you scrub juice stains. Shampoo at least once a month or every two months to keep your rugs clean.

Washing Dishes

Yes, it's easier to use a dishwasher, but then you have to empty it and put all the dishes in the cupboard. That's just one more chore. By the time you finish, you could've been done washing dishes in the sink. Face it, washing dishes is a never- ending cycle, unless you fully invest in paper plates and plastic utensils. There's a bright aspect to the dish washing saga; kids love to play in water. Pull up a step ladder beside you and let your little one climb up. Tell him that you're just going to splash around, but demonstrate how to rinse the dishes and place them in the rack, while you're at it. You gotta get creative when it comes to chores and maximizing your time.

Washing Windows

You're struggling to see your kids play through your kitchen window. Sounds like it's finally time to give those windows a good scrubbing with some vinegar, water and old newspaper. Windows don't require fancy spray bottles and cotton cloths. Just save old newspapers for this task that you'll probably only perform about once every month or so, unless you're meticulous. You don't want any more mistaken identity scenarios due to nasty windows.

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