A wall fountain can provide an impressive point of focus.

Ideas for a Fountain on a Front Porch Wall

by Benjamin Shorter

Elegant or whimsical, a wall fountain on your front porch can produce instant charm. A porch fountain serves many purposes from a focal point to a tranquil respite from life's sometimes hectic pace. The type of wall fountain you install will depend on your personal style preferences and safety issues with young children, as well as the type of environment you wish to create.


The type of materials used for your wall fountain can harmonize with your home decor and landscape. For a meditative, natural appearance, consider polished round stones and bamboo for a Japanese-style fountain. Similarly, a dramatic spouting fountain done in polished marble will work well with a Mediterranean-style architecture. For a more minimalist appearance, water flowing down a dark gray stone flat wall fountain can be subtly impressive.


Flat fountains are sleek and often made of copper or slate. The water streams down the flat surface with minimal sound and splashing. Choosing a natural flat surface such as stone creates a nature-oriented aesthetic. This type of fountain can be as large or small as you wish, and requires less space than spouting fountains, so it works well for smaller front porches.


A spouting wall fountain projects one or more streams of water from spouts embedded into the fountain wall. Often, these spouts are highly decorative or ornate, such as open lion mouths or art deco sculptures. The delicate tinkling sound these fountains make as the streams hit the small collection pool below can immediately create a tranquil atmosphere. A spouting fountain with multiple spouts can be quite eye-catching.


If you have not settled on a special look for your porch, the design could begin with the wall fountain, with the colors and decorating style playing off the fountain. To highlight and emphasize a dramatic spouting fountain, choose plants that produce large, showy colorful blossoms. You can also install small metal or stone sculptures to create a truly opulent presentation. If you are more interested in creating a quiet space for relaxing, reading and conversation, put in a porch swing if there is enough room. Regardless, a few pieces of wicker furniture with colorful throw cushions make your wall fountain area a place you will never want to leave.

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