Actress Lindsey Shaw wears knee-high black tights on the red carper.

Ideas for Outfits With Knee-High Tights

by Whitney DeGroat

If you're looking for a fun accessory to liven up your legs, you'll find a perfect fit with knee-high tights. Whether patterned or plain, colorful or café au lait, they'll bring a dose of fun to any outfit (not to mention warm up chilly legs). Far from being just a schoolgirl staple, knee-highs can be easily styled to fit anyone's taste.

Sneak Peek

If you're completely new to knee-high tights, try slipping them on beneath your mid-calf boots (or boots that hit just below the knee). It's an easy way to wear them, as you'll show just a sliver of tights, and adds a subtly sophisticated touch to an A-line dress or skirt. Pick bright tights to add a small pop of color if you're feeling dowdy.

Sugar and Spice

Add a dose of sass to a sweet look with knee-high tights. A pleated miniskirt, blouse and ballet flats can feel a bit saccharine, so pick some printed knee-highs for a subtle shot of attitude. Make it interesting by choosing a printed pair (bonus points for an edgy print, like skulls); you can even mix prints within your outfit; just make sure that you keep it all in the same color family.

Loafing Around

Look every bit the weekend sophisticate by pairing your knee-highs and loafers. Break out the denim for a laid-back look; a short denim skirt looks just casual enough to give your knee-highs and loafers a pick-me-up. Throw a cozy sweater or tee on top and you've got a laid-back weekend look to go.

Great Heights

Need a lift? Look to wedge heels to pair with your knee-highs. Knee-high tights can easily look oversexed for an everyday outfit; the triangular shape of a wedge heel provides the stability needed to "ground" your knee-highs, while still giving you the benefits of a high heel. For best results, match your knee-highs to your wedges to create long, lean legs. Go for clothes with clean lines that fit closely to the body, like dress shorts and a fitted blazer, or a belted shirtdress.

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