A wacky clothes day is a perfect rainy day activity to do at home, too!

Ideas for Wacky Clothes Day for Toddlers

by Melissa Willets

When your toddler's school program has a wacky clothes day on the calendar, it's the perfect time to get silly with your sweetie. Just be careful not to push him to wear any outfits he resists. As HealthyChildren.org notes, toddlers have a limited ability to reason with you. So if he doesn't want to wear that oversized T-shirt, then so be it. It's just isn't worth a fuss when something is supposed to be fun!

Raid Dad's Closet

A trip to daddy's closet is the perfect inspiration for wacky clothes day for both little girls and boys. Your kiddo will probably get excited at the prospect of wearing something of dad's to school or day care. After all, as HealthyChildren.org points out, toddlers love to play by pretending -- and are especially keen on imitating others. So let your little one borrow one of daddy's baseball caps and a sports jersey; just be sure to tuck it into his pants or tie it up so he doesn't trip. Stay away from dad's ties as they could be a strangulation hazard.

Toddlers in Control

Give your toddler the control when it comes to picking out his outfit for the day. As most parents will attest, tots love doing things their way. And chances are, your kiddo will select an outfit that makes no sense, so it will be perfect for wacky clothes day. Just relinquish your need to help your little one look presentable for the public. On wacky clothes day, your tyke can wear a pink shirt with red pants and then pull a bathing suit on over it. Just remember to capture your cutie's creative outfit on camera!

Switch Things Up

According to KidsHealth.org, anything that turns an expectation on its head is humorous to a toddler. So if you encourage your little one to wear a skirt as a hat or socks for gloves, she will likely get some good giggles from the opportunity. Or, perhaps your mini-comedian can wear a Santa hat with a princess dress. "Isn't this weird?" ask your little one. You might also let her wear her slippers to school, just to add to the wackiness.

Get in Costume

It doesn't have to be Halloween for your honey to don a fun disguise. Pull out an old costume from trick-or-treating past or make a homemade version of a look inspired by your tot's interests. For instance, if your son is obsessed with trains, fashion a conductor outfit for him. You'll need overalls, a bandana and a cap -- oh, and of course you'll make fun train whistle sounds while you're pulling his look together to suit the mood. Just keep in mind that it's wacky clothes day, so your kiddo doesn't need to look perfect. Silly is good, too.

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