Mothers play a huge role in the emotional development of young boys.

The Importance of Mothers to Young Boys

by Angeliki Coconi

Boys need their moms much more than they might make out. As William Pollack Ph.D. reports, young boys will learn almost all they know about love and trust from their mothers. Despite what you might think, being around his mother for long periods will actually strengthen little boys emotionally, helping create that all-important base that the little critters need to get out and about in their later years. As stated by Pollack, the more motherly love a boy is exposed to, the more confident and independent he is likely to be.

Emotional Stability

According to researchers at the University of Reading, a childhood upbringing with an unstable mother-son relationship may bring trouble! Dr. Pasco Fearon, a researcher at the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences, analyzed a range of studies that showed a clear link between motherly bonds and stability. It turns out that children who aren’t as emotionally attached to their mothers are more likely to develop hostile and aggressive traits. It’s simple, really. The higher your boy’s self-esteem, the less he has to prove. The less he relies on a mother figure, the more he relies on inappropriate ways to express himself.


The benefits, it seems, are almost limitless. A mother provides little boys with the immensely important feeling of self-worth. Why is this important? If boys are told that they matter, they start to feel like they are worthy of being loved. According to Dr. Linda Stone Fish, professor of marriage and family therapy in the College of Human Services and Health Professions at Syracuse University, when a mom passes on her feelings of importance to her son, her son will feel important and worth love because of this. Pretty crucial stuff.

Learning to Love

When it comes to love, boys with good mothers may also turn out most capable. Members of the San Francisco Psychotherapy Group have stated that mothers have the ability to turn their little boys into good friends and partners of women. What else does this mean? Boys with stable moms are often more capable of holding together a healthy marriage relationship. This makes sense, as mothers generally take up more parenting time, and usually teach little boys how to love more effectively than their dads, according to Dr. Coleman of the SFPG.


Little boys need all the motherly love they can get! In the early years, emotional development is connected with a strong and stable mother figure. So if you moms ever feel low or insignificant, just remember that you mean almost everything to your little monkey. Stick around and do the best you can. It’ll pay off.

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