Curious preschoolers can learn about bugs with fun and hands-on activities.

Insects and Bugs Preschool Activities

by Tania K. Cowling

Children can be fascinated or frightened by the variety of flying, creeping and crawling critters in nature. With your guidance, your little entomologist can begin to observe and explore this special world of insects. So, do a little wiggling, fluttering and buzzing with some fun activities and let your child be the “queen bee” or “master ant” for the day.

Ink Blot Butterflies

This is an enjoyable paint project, but it could get messy, so spread newspapers on your table and on the floor. Cut a butterfly shape from light-colored construction paper. Fold this in half. Allow your preschooler to use an eyedropper and randomly place drops of poster paint on one side of the folded shape. Help him fold the paper and press his hands on the shape. Open up the paper to reveal designs that are exact on both sides of the butterfly wings.

Cereal Beehive

Purchase Honeycomb brand cereal and invite your youngster to glue the pieces onto a paper plate in a beehive fashion. Draw bumblebees on paper and color them. Glue these worker bees in and around the hive. Set a bowl of this tasty cereal on the table for munching too!

Bug-Inspired Lunch

Why not keep the insect theme for a fun lunch? Start with a ladybug salad by placing a half of a tomato on a lettuce leaf. Put a whole pitted black olive for the ladybug’s head and invite your child to slice the olives with a plastic knife and use these as spots on the insect’s body. “Bugs On a Branch” is a traditional snack and always a hit with kids. Fill a celery stalk with peanut butter or cheese spread. Place raisins on top of the spread to represent crawling bugs.

Do the Bug Boogie

There is nothing better than getting your preschooler up and moving -- a wonderful way to shake their sillies out. Recite this verse together and move together: "Grasshoppers go jumpity jump, jumpity jump. Caterpillars crawl humpity hump, humpity hump. Playful crickets go hoppity hop, hoppity hop. In the warm weather happy children like you will jumpity, humpity, hoppity, too!"

Bugs are Nature’s Creatures

Channel your child’s creativity with another bug craft. Take a walk and collect nature finds like small twigs, leaves, pebbles, nuts and seeds. Let your preschooler make a bug shape, using clay as the base. Attach the natural items to it as wings, antennae and legs to make a three-dimensional model bug.

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