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What Jewelry Works With a Blouse With a Ruffled Neckline?

by Sara Cantu

Ruffled blouses are a popular silhouette for the fashion-conscious, partly because there are plenty of options to choose from to keep the look fresh and stylish -- no matter the occasion. The easiest way to spruce up an outfit includes the addition of jewelry, although it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish which pieces pair best with your clothing. One important rule to follow is to not overpower the neckline of your garment. Stick to pieces that highlight the gorgeous detailing on your ruffled blouse.


When wearing an attention-grabbing piece like the ruffled blouse, stick to accessories that will complement your top and not overpower it. A pair of striking earrings is the ticket to drawing attention to your blouse in all the right ways. Sport a ruffled-neck blouse with medium-sized gold earrings or a simple pair of studs for a perfect pairing. Choose an embellished earring in a bright color when rocking a neutral blouse or choose a simple metallic to go with something bold and bright.


Necklaces aren't usually recommended when wearing a ruffled neckline, but there are definitely ways to make it work. For instance, if your top features an embellished, ruffled neckline, choose a delicate choker necklace to add a bit of glamour to an already stylish silhouette. Gold chain necklaces have become increasingly popular and pairing one with a simple ruffled top is both tasteful and classic.


It's quite simple to look overdone when pairing jewelry with a ruffled neckline, so be cautious when adding extras. A cuff bracelet is an ultra simple way to score a dose of chic to your ensemble. When sporting a blouse in a vivid hue, opt for a subdued bracelet in a corresponding metallic to perfectly complement your blouse. An embellished cuff is always a safe choice to pair with this type of garment, since it doesn't directly interfere with the neckline; but be cautious of too much arm candy that might distract from the unique silhouette of your gorgeous top.


Regardless of the kind of jewelry, stick to one or two pieces at a time to avoid a look that's fussy. While a pair of beautiful earrings pairs perfectly with a ruffled blouse, opt for a lovely ring as opposed to a necklace to keep the look balanced. Double finger rings and other unusual pieces are a fashion-forward choice, so don't shy away from cool pieces that will add to the allure of your stylish outfit.

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