You can go for an easy jog after childbirth once your doctor says you can resume exercise.

Jogging After a C-Section

by Brandi Junious

You may be eager to start exercising after you give birth so you can reclaim your prepregnancy body. Jogging is one way to ease back into your exercise routine, and you can even bring your baby along with you in a stroller. However, your birthing experience may have an impact on how soon this can happen. If you delivered via cesarean section, or C-section, you need to give your body time to heal as this is a major surgery and may present complications if you do too much, too soon.

Waiting Period

Women who have cesarean section deliveries take longer to heal than those who have uncomplicated vaginal deliveries. During a C-section, an incision is made through your lower abdomen and into your uterus so that the baby can be removed. Therefore, both your uterus and abdomen need time to heal. Women are generally advised to wait six to eight weeks after delivery before resuming physical activity beyond caring for the baby; however, you should always get your doctor's approval before beginning any exercise routine. She can make sure your incision has healed properly and can advise you on which type of exercise is safe for you.

Take It Slow

Once your body has healed enough for you to exercise, it is important not to do too much at first. You need to ease into exercise so that you can monitor your scar and make sure your body can handle it. Remember, your body went through a lot of changes in a short amount of time, so you need to give it a chance get used to the new demands you are putting on it. Before you get out your running shoes, start with stationary exercises like Kegels and the pelvic tilt. This will allow you see how your body and C-section scar are responding to gentle exercise. Once you and your doctor have determined it is safe, move on to short, light jogs and work your way up to longer sessions.


There are many benefits to postpartum exercise, both physical and emotional. It can help you lose weight, regain muscle strength and condition your cardiovascular system. It can also help improve your mood, give you more energy and help prevent or relieve any symptoms of postpartum depression. Many women can feel overwhelmed after giving birth, especially if a cesarean section surgery was involved. Taking a small amount of time throughout the week to improve your health with light exercise, such as jogging, can help you cope with the changes your body went through and your role as a mother.


It is important to remember that every person, and every cesarean section surgery, is different. While some C-sections are planned, others take place as an emergency procedure. This can have an impact on any complications you may experience and can account for a longer healing period. Always discuss your workout plans with your doctor so she can help you ease into exercise in the safest way possible. This can prevent tears, infection and scar tissue that does not form properly. Even with the approval of your doctor, monitor your body during exercise. If you experience pain, bleeding or anything unusual, seek medical attention immediately.

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