Julliard's summer jazz camp offers students the opportunity to deepen their jazz proficiency.

Julliard School Summer Music Camps for Teenagers

by Lisa Fritscher

Founded in 1905, New York City’s Julliard School is arguably the best-known performing arts college in the United States. The school admits only 7.2 percent of applicants, and graduates have gone on to win hundreds of Emmys, Grammys and other industry awards. The Julliard School offers two summer music camps for teenagers, enabling them to work alongside some of the top performers in the industry.

Summer Percussion Seminar

The summer percussion seminar is an annual camp held on the Julliard campus. Students must be at least 15 years old and cannot have graduated from high school. The two-week program requires a strong knowledge of percussion instruments such as snare drum and keyboard percussion. The seminar is a complex, intense blend of master classes, lectures, rehearsals and performances. The camp will expose students to a wide range of both instruments and performance styles. The goal is to prepare teens for the competitive post-high school audition circuit.

Jazz Camps

Julliard’s summer jazz camps are one-week programs that take place at facilities across the United States. The camps are for students already proficient in one or more of the jazz instruments -- guitar, trombone, piano, trumpet, saxophone, drums or double bass -- and are interested in participating in an in-depth journey via the world of jazz. The minimum age varies from 12 to 14, depending on the host facility. Generally, the maximum age is 18, although programs on college campuses are sometimes open to college students, as well. Some locations hold separate sessions for middle and high school students. Typically, classes typically run from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m., with an evening concert on the final night.

Audition Information

Admission to the summer percussion seminar is based in part on a video audition. Your child must clearly introduce himself and include his previous training, and then play a solo or etude of his choice. Acceptable audition instruments are the two-mallet keyboard, four-mallet keyboard, timpani or snare drum. Auditions are not required for admission to the summer jazz camps. However, on the first day, students are expected to audition for placement in ensembles. Specific pieces may vary by year, so make sure your teen is ready to play the pieces listed on his application form.

Housing and Meal Options

Julliard provides lodging for students in the summer percussion seminar in Julliard dorms. Accommodations for the summer jazz camps depend on the host facility, and are not available for many sessions. If your child needs housing, look for a program held on a college campus. In general, college-based programs provide accommodations in the school dorms and offer meals in the dining hall. For some day-only programs, Julliard expects students to bring a lunch. Refer to the brochure for your chosen program for specific information.

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