Jungle animals can offer inspiration for children's activities.

Jungle Themed Children's Activities

by Wannikki Taylor

Many children have a fascination with jungle creatures like lions, monkeys and elephants. Their large size, brightly colored coats and the loud sounds that come from their mouths are appealing to a youngster's eyes and ears. You can recreate the sights of a jungle in your home by having your child participate in activities that will encourage his creativity.


Simple jungle-themed games will encourage your child to get up and get active. Help her hold up a large bedroom sheet around the edges. Place stuffed lions and monkeys in the center of the sheet and move the sheet up and down to make the animals hop and jump around. For a different game, hide several stuffed jungle animals around your house. Tell her she must go on a "safari" to find the hidden animals.

Art Projects

A few materials can help your child create all kinds of artwork. Dress him in an apron or old T-shirt. Place various colored washable paint in paper plates on a table. He can press jungle animal-shaped sponges in paint and press them onto plain paper to make his own jungle picture. Animal clay creations will also serve as an engaging activity for your child. Provide him with play dough and let him use his imagination to create lions, monkeys, elephants and other animals.


Edible jungle crafts will give your child the opportunity to make something she can eat. Help her prepare chocolate pudding. Place it in the refrigerator for a few hours. Pour the pudding into individual cups. Have her place a few jungle animal cookies on top of each pudding cup. Put the cups back in the refrigerator until they are ready to eat for snack time. As another option, have her press cookie cutters in dough to create her own jungle animal cookies. She can frost and decorate the cookies.


Let your kid transform his bedroom into a safari for a day with decorations he can create. Have him use jungle animal stencils on construction paper to make paper animals. Punch holes at the top to string yarn through the animals. He can hang them off his bed posts or on walls. Have him cut strips from green construction paper and glue them to toilet paper rolls for palm trees. The palm trees can sit atop his desk or on bedside tables.

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