Hang your wedding gown up prior to your wedding to avoid wrinkles.

How to Keep an Organza Wedding Dress From Wrinkling

by Jaimie Zinski

A sheer, thin fabric traditionally made from silk, organza is often used as an embellishment on wedding dresses. Today, a more cost-effective organza is constructed from nylon or polyester that mimics the pricier silk product. No matter if your organza wedding gown is constructed from silk, nylon or polyester, it will still suffer from the same issue: wrinkling. Caring for your organza wedding gown properly before and on your wedding day can prevent wrinkles from forming.

Ask the bridal dress shop to steam press the gown at least four to 24 hours before you arrive. This gives the dress plenty of time to dry, which helps prevent wrinkles. Also ask the shop to place the dress on a padded or wooden hanger, which will support the weight of the dress, preventing slips and falls that could wrinkle or stain the organza.

Slip the dress inside a vinyl or cotton dress bag large enough to accommodate bridal gowns. Instead of stuffing the dress inside, gently fold the train and skirt before tucking it inside the bag.

Carry the dress to your vehicle, not allowing the garment bag to drag on the ground, and gently lay it across the passenger or back seat. Hook the hanger around a headrest to help keep the dress from slipping inside the moving car, which prevents crushing and wrinkling the organza.

Remove the dress from the garment bag and hang it in your closet at home immediately; hang in a cool, dry spot that provides the dress plenty of space. If you cannot help but try the dress on, carefully pull it out of the garment bag and slip it over your head instead of stepping into it, which can wrinkle the organza.

Steam the dress 24 to 48 hours before the wedding to remove any wrinkles. Hang the dress inside a steamy bathroom and gently rub a white washcloth down the length of each layer to remove any wrinkles.

Hang the dress from the back of a door in the hours before your wedding. This helps prevent any further wrinkles or creasing.

Items you will need

  • Padded or wooden hanger
  • Vinyl or cotton dress bag
  • White washcloth


  • Instead of steaming the dress yourself a day or two before the wedding, you can take the dress to a professional to have it steamed or ironed.

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