Provide your toddler with a safe alternative to climbing on window sills.

How to Keep Toddlers From Climbing on Window Sills

by Jaimie Zinski

The neighborhood dog barking or children playing outdoors is enough to prompt your toddler to climb on the seemingly safe windowsill. According to KidsHealth, a window that's open a mere 5 inches is enough room for your child to seriously injure himself through a nasty fall. In addition to the danger of falls, many blinds manufactured before 2001 feature looped cords, which are strangulation hazards. Protect your toddler from injury, and your windows from smudges and fingerprints, by keeping him off your sills.

Watch your toddler, and if he climbs on the windowsill, remove him immediately. Explain to your toddler that climbing on the windowsill isn't acceptable. If he continues to climb, punish your toddler with a loss of privileges or timeout.

Move furniture away from the window. If possible, keep the area free of anything that your child could use to access the windowsill. Avoid pushing the furniture several feet away from the window because your toddler could misjudge the distance and fall while trying to climb onto the sill.

Provide your toddler with an alternative to explore his new-found passion for climbing. The University of Illinois Extension recommends creating or taking your toddler to a safe place where he can explore and climb. Your neighborhood park or a soft couch is the ideal place for your child to play and learn about his surroundings.


  • Install window guards -- removable metal crossbars -- to protect your child. Remember that window screens are intended to keep bugs out and thus can be torn or broken through by a toddler.

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