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How to Keep Toddlers From Opening Dresser Drawers

by Shara JJ Cooper

You probably don't keep your steak knife set in your dresser drawer, but you still need to secure these drawers. It's bad enough that toddlers love to pull all your clothes out. Even worse, is how unsteady dressers can be. This is particularly true of tall, chest-of-drawers. Stop refolding all your clothes and everyone safe by keeping your curious tike out of your dresser drawers.

Install drawer locks on each drawer that your toddler can reach. The easiest type of lock is a strap that screws or adheres to the dresser. It looks like a drawer seat belt and is easy to install. You can also find magnetic or clip drawer latches. Make sure every drawer that can be reached is secured.

Put a child lock on your bedroom door. This is particularly useful if you have several dressers in one room. It's a lot easier just keeping your little monkey out of the room altogether, if you can't be there to supervise. You can get several different types of door locks, but the simplest type slips over your door knob. This allows you access but your toddler won't have strong enough hands to open the door.

Put up a baby gate in the doorway for when you need to use the room. If you are folding clothes and putting them away, you can put a baby gate across the entrance and some toys on the other side. Your toddler can stay in your line of vision and won't be pulling clothes out as fast as you are putting them away. A pressure mounted baby gate will work in this situation because you won't need it all the time.

Distract your child by removing all the items in the bottom drawer. Put a few toys in that drawer just for him. He'll be so surprised he'll sit and play with them and probably enjoy taking them out and putting them back into the drawer. It's a good idea to mix up the toys so he always has something new in there to surprise him.

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  • Strap-style safety latch
  • Child door lock
  • Baby gate

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