Your little one's arts and crafts gifts are the grandparents' treasures.

Kids Arts & Craft Gifts for Grandparents

by Kathryn Rateliff Barr

Your little one pleads, “Mommy, can I please make something for Grandma and Grandpa? She has a special shelf just for things I make.” You would laugh, but she really does. Fortunately grandparents enjoy getting arts and crafts from grandkids almost as much as the grandkids enjoy making them. Your child has many arts and crafts options that his grandparents will be glad to display.

Framed Pictures

A picture of a grandchild can make grandparents smile and look for an occasion to brag to their friends. Your little one can frame her picture with craft sticks and then decorate the frame with stickers, paint, markers or acrylic gems. If she uses a Christmas theme, the grandparents can attach a ribbon hanger and suspend the frame on the Christmas tree. A 4- or 5-year old can cut a hole in a sheet of metallic tag board to frame her picture, and a younger child can glue the picture over the tag board. With a wide frame, your little one can add lips around the frame by kissing the frame while wearing your lipstick. Alternatively, she can put thumbprints around the frame using non-toxic tempera paint or a stamp pad.

Heart Crafts

Draw or print a large heart on construction paper or tag board and let your little one add stickers to the heart or paint the heart with glitter glue. Give your child a sturdy cardboard or wooden box to decorate with fabric, or paper hearts and decoupage glue. He can add heart-shaped acrylic jewels to the top of the box. He can tell the grandparents this is a treasure box they can put all their best treasures in -- except him of course.

Wearable Art

Your little one can decorate shirts or aprons for the grandparents. Cover her hands in fabric paint, press them onto the fabric and allow the prints to dry. You can write her name and the date on the fabric. Cut a sponge in a heart shape that you can dip in fabric paint and press on the fabric. You can have a T-shirt shop print her picture on a shirt and allow her to cover the picture in clear glitter fabric paint. She can glue acrylic gems to the shirt to add a bit more bling to the gift.


Grandma probably appreciates a flower gift more than Grandpa. Have your child accordion fold two sheets of tissue stacked on top of each other. Wrap a pipe cleaner around the center of the tissue paper and fold the tissue paper up. Cut the tissue paper into a petal shape, but do not cut it all the way to the pipe cleaner. Have your little one separate the petals toward the center to create the flower. Twist green tissue paper leaves around the pipe cleaner stem. Alternatively, have your little one add flower stickers to the outside of a flower pot and cover the stickers with decoupage glue. Add dirt and plant flower seeds in the pot. Give the pot to the grandparents after the plants sprout.


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