Give old crayons one last chance by creating big rainbow crayons.

A Kids' Craft With a Pie Pan and Crayons

by Susan Revermann

You don’t need to drop big bucks on craft supplies for your child to create something he truly enjoys. Rescue your child’s unloved, busted crayons and your spent pie plates from the landfill and revive them with a new, colorful purpose. If nothing else, your child will think unwrapping the crayons is an entertaining project in itself and will keep him occupied long enough for you to enjoy at least a few moments of silence.


To save money and reduce your household garbage output, keep the pie pan from Thanksgiving or a family gathering instead of tossing it in the trash. As for the crayons, have your child go on a broken crayon hunt to collect as many crayons as he can find. If you want to make glittery or shimmery crayons, grab some mica or glitter. Just be sure to supervise this activity at all times.


Once your child has collected at least 2 or 3 cups of used crayons, have him peel the wrappers off. If your child is one of those kids who automatically removes the wrappers as he uses the crayons, you two already have a head start on this. Once all wrappers are gone, he can break the crayons into little pieces.

Melting Procedure

You’ll want to wait to do this craft on a nice, hot sunny day. Spray the pie pan with a non-stick cooking spray to make it easier to remove your new crayon creation once you’re done. Pour the naked crayons into the pie pan. Sprinkle a bit of mica or glitter in, if you’re using it. Take the pan outside and place it in a spot where it will not be disturbed or place the pan by a window where it will get direct sunlight for hours. Simply let the sun do its melting magic. If the forecast is not working in your favor, an oven will work, too. Set the oven to 200 degrees or below. It will take about 10 to 15 minutes to melt them this way. Whichever method you use, once the crayons have melted into a puddle of colorful goo, carefully remove it from the heat source and let the new multicolored crayon set before removing it from the pan.

To Finish

After you flip the pie pan over and remove the new and improved crayon, you can then proceed to smash it into pieces the size of 50-cent coins. Each piece will have its own unique rainbow mixture for your child to color and create with.

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