You can make helmet-shaped goodie bags at the party, too.

Kids' Crafts for a Football Party

by Rosenya Faith

Whether you're hosting a party for your kiddo's first football team or throwing a birthday party for your miniature football enthusiast, it's easy to incorporate the party's theme into craft time. Not only do these football crafts give the party group a personalized keepsake to bring home, incorporating a simple craft activity can give you an opportunity to calm down a rambunctious little crowd.

Felt Football Goodie Bag

Let your group of football enthusiasts make their very own football goodie bag to take home all their party goodies. You can cut out felt football shapes and laces before the party begins and let each child glue two football shapes together -- make sure they leave an opening at the top for their loot -- and then glue a strip of laces along one side. To personalize the football craft, you can let the kids use fabric markers to print their name, or cut out their name from construction paper or felt and let them glue the name tags on the back. Set the footballs aside to dry while the party goes on and have a helper fill the bags in secret. Now you can surprise the kids at the end of the party when you present them with their handmade footballs, filled with party favors.

Jersey Decorating

A craft and a treat in one! There's no rule against bringing craft time into the kitchen, so let your football-loving party goers create a work of art that will stimulate their taste buds, too. You can make a batch of jersey-shaped cupcakes or football-shaped sugar cookies. You can make these ahead of time to keep kids away from the oven and present the group with bowls of frosting, decorative sugars, sprinkles and marshmallows to decorate their treats. If you want to turn your crafty snack time into an elaborate activity, let each of your young guests decorate miniature football field cookies with green grass icing, licorice stick goal posts and chocolate mold football players.


Let each youngster feel like the sports star of the day when you have each child make his very own trophy. Start with an empty square box to make the base of the trophy. Have each child glue two foam cups together bottom-to-bottom to make a trophy shape. Glue one end of the trophy to the center of the base and attach a gold chenille stem to each side to make the trophy's handles. Now it's time to paint, so you'll want to make sure all surfaces are adequately covered and adults are available to help if you're working with toddlers. Cover the trophies with a coat of child-friendly gold paint and set them aside to dry. Add a name tag to the base before the party is over and send your guests home with their special keepsakes.


If your party group is full of team spirit, make party team pennants at craft time. You can get these ready for your guests ahead of time by cutting the triangular pennant shapes from felt. If your youngsters are learning to spell, cut out felt letters, too. When it's time for the craft, let the kids decorate their pennants with fabric paint pens and markers, glitter and glue and, of course, the felt letters. Write the birthday child's name and party date on the back of the pennant and now your party guests have a memento of the special day they can display on their wall at home.


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