Make ghost figures with painted plastic bottles.

Kids Crafts for Halloween Using Plastic Bottles

by Nadia Haris

Halloween brings out creativity in both adults and children. Create spooky and eco-friendly decorations with your kids simply using recycled plastic bottles. You will also need plenty of non-toxic black paint and other colors to fit your Halloween theme. While older children may not need your help to cut the bottles, the cut plastic may have sharp edges. Handle with care and assist younger children.

Monsters and Gremlins

Scour your recycling bin for large 2- or 4-liter plastic soda bottles to make monster and gremlin decorations. Cut the bottles in half width-wise and keep all the rounded lower halves. Next, join two lower halves by sliding the edges of one cut-off bottle over the other. You should now have a closed shape that is rounded at both ends. Firmly attach the two pieces together with a glue gun and paint the entire piece with green, purple or black acrylic paint to make the body of the monster or gremlin. The plastic shape should stand on its own. Help your child decorate it with stick-on eyes, bits of faux fur and cut-out construction paper hair to make a Frankenstein or gremlin.

Dangly Spiders

Create large creepy-crawly spiders with long, bendable legs from 1- to 4-liter plastic bottles. Cut the top off the bottle so that you have the base and the sides. Cut the sides of the bottle length-wise all the way down to the base to make the legs on both sides. Paint the cut-out spider black and stick on eyes. Bend the legs and place on a table or dangle several spiders from the ceiling.

Bottle Bats

As their name implies, all you need to make bottle bats are plastic bottles, black paint, black construction paper and stick-on eyes. Help your child paint the entire bottle, including the cap, black. Cut out wings from the construction paper and attach them to each side of the bottle with tape or a glue gun. Add eyes and you have a quirky-looking bat. Kids can also add buttons and a bow tie to make vampire bats.

Ghostly Decorations

Halloween is not complete without plenty of ghosts around. Your kids can make ghostly figures to place on tables and stairs or hang from the ceiling, using plastic bottles. Cut the top off a 2- to 4-liter plastic bottle. Paint the bottle white and turn it upside down. Add eyes and a mouth with black construction paper. Help your kids make a ghost family using assorted sizes of bottles and arrange them on a table or hang them using invisible thread.

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