Sombrero games are sure to please the young ones of the family.

Kid's Ring Around the Sombrero Game for Cinco De Mayo

by Susan Revermann

Celebrate Mexico’s May 5th, 1862 victory over France with some Ring Around the Sombrero games. Whether you’re planning a family game night or considering kid-friendly games for a Cinco de Mayo party, you and your child will get a kick out of these festive sombrero games.

Musical Ring Around the Sombrero

Get this party started with a musical game. Place a sombrero on the floor and place chairs around it. There should be one less chair than there are children playing the game. Start the music and have the children walk around the outside perimeter of the chairs. When you stop the music, the children should find a chair and sit on it as quickly as they can. The child left standing without a chair should go to the side. Remove a chair and repeat the sequence until there is only one person left. That person gets to wear the sombrero as a winner crown.

Dance Ring Around the Sombrero

Get some wiggles out with a dance party game. Place the sombrero on the floor. Have the children dance around the sombrero while you play some festive music. When the music stops, the children should freeze in whatever position they’re in. When you start the music again, they can continue to dance around the sombrero.

Musical Instrument Ring Around the Sombrero

Let the children’s musical talents shine with this activity. Have the children sit in a circle and place the sombrero in the middle. Hand each child some musical instruments, such as maracas, handheld rice shakers, castanets and kid-sized guitars. Let the children play their instruments for five minutes or so and then have them rotate the instruments. This way everyone gets a turn with each one.

Ring Toss Around the Sombrero

You can add a festive Mexican spin to the regular game of horseshoes with this game. Place a child-size or paper plate and cup sombrero on the floor and place a piece of tape on the floor at least six feet away. Line the children up behind the line and hand the first child in line three plastic rings. Allow the child to toss the rings towards the hat, attempting to get the ring onto the sombrero. Award three points for a full ring around the rounded part of the sombrero, two points for landing on the outside ridge and one point for touching the outside rim. Once the child has thrown all three rings, he should collect them and pass them to the next person in line.

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