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What Kind of Pants Should Girls With Curves Wear?

by Danielle Jennings

While a large majority of the fashion industry celebrates the waif-thin model, the rest of the world is filled with beautiful women who have bountiful, gorgeous curves. As with any other garment of clothing, finding the right pair of pants that flatters and accentuates your curvy silhouette can be challenging -- but much easier than you may think. With just a few simple suggestions, you'll be on your way to filling your closet with pants in various styles.

Boot Cut

When it comes to pants that flatter the curvy figure, you should look no further than those in a boot-cut style. What makes boot-cut pants so appealing to the curvy woman's silhouette is that they are fitted throughout the hip and thigh area, but then flare out slightly around the calf; this equally slims and lengthens the frame. Boot-cut pants are especially good for short and curvy women because they create the illusion of length. Additionally, pants in darker colors are more appealing for a bigger frame because they slim the lower half of the body.

Trouser Style

Trousers are a bit loose throughout the waist, hip and thigh area and comes in both straight and wider-leg cuts. They also have a flat-front closure which slims the midsection. Since this pant style doesn't cling to the lower part of your body, it is ideal for those that want conceal their curves a little more. For short and curvy women, opt for trousers with a shorter inseam or have them tailored so they don't fall underneath your feet. If the hem is on the long side, wear them with a pair of pumps for additional height and a streamlined effect.

Relaxed Fit

Relaxed-fit pants are a specific design element that describes the way that they fit on the lower half of the body, as they generally offer more room in the backside, thighs and rise. What this actually means is that virtually any style of pants can have a relaxed fit. This pant silhouette is flattering to the curvy figure because it does not cling to the hip and thigh area, but instead rests gently over the curves. To expertly determine a relaxed fit, you can look inside the garment for the label or ask a salesperson if buying in a store.


They may seem like the last type of pants that a curvy woman should wear, but the surprise is that skinny pants are quite flattering when worn appropriately. Skinny pants are basically pants that are extremely fitted from waist to ankle with a small leg opening. The key to pulling off this look with a curvy figure is to keep the pants dark (black, dark blue or charcoal gray) and wear a more voluminous top that falls partially over the bottom. Also, slipping on a high-heeled pump or bootie further adds length to the silhouette which gives the appearance of a leaner frame.

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