Laneige Cleansing Oil removes makeup and moisturizes facial skin.

Laneige Cleansing Oil

by Josienita Borlongan

An oil-based dirt and makeup remover from Korea, Laneige utilizes the concept of the hydrating science of water. The creator of Laneige, which means "snow" in French, believes water provides the source of ultimate beauty, healthy skin and revitalized youthful glow. Widely popular in Korea and other neighboring Asian countries, Laneige products can be purchased in the United States via the Internet.


Laneige started in 1994 by Amore Pacific, with the original design to attract women in their 20s to buy its cosmetics. It reached major market share the following year, with its daring slogan "Live Like a Movie Star" to captivate the Korean women with its "Sexy No. 1" and "Hepburn Bronze" line-up. Laneige went global in 2002 and continued to venture in Asian beauty in Hong Kong and China. In 2007, Laneige ventured into the men's department with its Homme cosmetic line-up. That same year, Laneige made another milestone in its history by launching its Professional make-up line. However, its true vision in skin renewal using the Advanced Water Science finally became a reality in 2008.


Laneige Cleansing Oil contains grapeseed and jojoba oils. Bottled in a 175 ml container, packaged and capped with a convenient dispenser, Laneige also contains natural vitamins and botanical oil ingredients. The formula used to make Laneige often targets dry skin. Dermatologic and noncomedogenic tested and certified, Laneige does not contain mineral oil. In addition, it does not cause or worsen acne problems.

Proper Use

The convenience of the dispenser bottle makes Laneige easy to use. Simply pump the dispenser three times and spread the oil throughout the surface of your skin. Massage the oil on the surface of your skin to melt away make-up and other impurities. Add a small amount of warm water while you work up lather. Then, rinse off with lukewarm water.

Functions and Benefits

Laneige Cleansing Oil can remove heavy, waterproof makeup. Its website claims that Laneige leaves the skin supple, well-moisturized, smooth and even. It also enhances facial skin texture by removing impurities caused by harmful and harsh elements of the sun, dust and wind. Enriched with vitamins and botanical oil ingredients, Laneige can help make your skin smoother and more radiant.

Special Considerations

Despite its claim to be dermatologically proven and tested, critics still have a few concerns to share about the true effectiveness and quality compliance of Laneige Cleansing Oil. For example, the label does not show all ingredients that are in Laneige Cleansing Oil, which poses a serious concern, especially for those with sensitive skins. It's uncertain if the product has any side effects, especially for non-Asian skin types. In other words, the Laneige Cleansing Oil may suit Asian skins best, but may not work well with Caucasian or other types of skins. Lastly, only limited information regarding actual accounts from those who have benefited from Laneige Cleansing Oil's cosmetic promises are available. Laneige Cleansing Oil does not have enough scientific studies to support its claims.

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