It's the handle that makes storing a lawn mower a challenge.

Lawn Mower Storage Ideas

by Valerie Liles

The best landscape designs include storage for garden tools, unused planters, power equipment and lawn and garden supplies. Tool sheds, potting sheds, garages and outbuildings will easily store your lawn mower, keeping it out of the elements. But if you don't have these, you have to get creative with some out-of-the-ordinary ideas.

Winter Storage

Storing your lawn mower for winter is much easier than storing it for the week. If you have patio furniture you also plan to store, use the empty space under the table for the lawn mower. Remove the lawn mower handle, drain the gas, and thoroughly clean the mower. Wrap a sheet of canvas or plastic around it and place it, along with the handle, under the patio table.

Side Yard Storage

A side yard makes a good storage area and generally gets little foot traffic. Your goal in storing the lawn mower is to keep it out of the elements. You can make a nifty lawn mower garage by purchasing an extra-large plastic storage bin. Find one that will easily accommodate your lawn mower. Cut out one side of the bin and glue the top on. Flip it over, and push your mower into the bin, leaving the handle exposed. If theft is an issue in your area, use a bicycle lock to secure the lawn mower.

Play Equipment

If your kids have outgrown their playhouse, don’t dismantle it, re-purpose it. While you may have to enlarge the door to accommodate the mower, as long as the house is structurally sound and leak-proof, take advantage of the empty space. While the playhouse may be too small to accommodate long-handled garden tools, you can also use it for pots, soil and hand tools.

Outdoor Storage Units

Check the home improvement store for small storage sheds, deck boxes, resin cabinets and easy-access organizers for outdoor use. Depending on the space you have, you may be able to find one that is just the right size for a corner of your yard. Consider areas behind a fence, against a garage wall, in a side yard or near or on a patio. Most can be locked, have reinforced floors and don't need much maintenance.

Unlikely Storage Sites

Think about unused areas of your yard where you could store a mower. A pool house, greenhouse, under a porch or a vertical shed built under the eaves are all possibilities. Also consider a large, unused dog house or time-share your lawn mower with your neighbor and store it in her garage.

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