A camisole saves Rachel Roy from a wardrobe malfunction at a gala in New York.

How to Layer Camisoles

by Whitney DeGroat

For such a simply structured piece, camisoles can be pretty tricky to wear, not to mention layering in general. Camisoles are generally very light and thin, so they work well underneath heavier, bolder and otherwise main pieces such as sweaters, blazers and dresses; they're more of a supporting cast member than the star of your outfit. Use them to play up some aspects of your outfit, and to conceal, ahem, other things.

Sheer Saver

Camisoles make an easy cover-up underneath sheer tops and dresses. Choose one that matches your skin tone to wear beneath patterned sheer pieces; a camisole of a different color can easily distract from the blouse or dress it's underneath. If wearing a flesh-toned sheer top or dress, go for a different color camisole to avoid looking washed out.

Cleavage Concealer

Let's say you have a fabulous wrap dress or deep V-neck sweater, for instance, that you'd love to wear to an event, but that event is decidedly conservative and not exactly cleavage-friendly. This is where your camisole comes to the rescue -- wear it underneath your main top or dress to conceal your cleavage. A neutral shade, such as gray, black or white, will work with any outfit.

Blazer Booster

Besides being a cool cover-up, a camisole can make a softening addition to a sharp blazer. For day, play with colorful camis with fun patterns and embellishments beneath your blazer, but save the more titillating details, such as lace, for the evening.

Fun Feminizer

Play with opposites by sporting a menswear-inspired button-down shirt atop a sweet, sassy camisole. A button-down shirt can be strictly business with khakis, loosened up with jeans or even lightened up with shorts; a fun camisole will make it feel more sultry and less stiff. Bonus points: If your shirt gaps in the front when buttoned, wear it open with a camisole underneath for an instant outfit saver.

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