Build up plenty of speed before you dismount from the bar.

How to Do a Layout Flyaway in Gymnastics

by M.L. Rose

The layout flyaway is a gymnastics move in which you dismount from a high bar or the uneven bars, perform a somersault, then -- ideally -- stick the landing. Less advanced gymnasts will learn to do a pike or tucked flyaway first, then they'll move on to perform the more difficult layout flyaway.

Perform a tap swing by swinging on the bar in the direction you’ll be dismounting. Assume a hollow position, with your body in roughly a C-shape, on the back part of the swing. Straighten your body at the bottom of the swing, then resume the rounded C-shape as you kick your legs upward at the front of the swing.

Let go of the bar about midway through the front of your swing when you’ve built sufficient speed and your body is roughly parallel with the floor. Transfer the momentum of your leg kick into a strong takeoff.

Perform a back somersault, keeping your torso and legs as straight as possible while you rotate. Extend your arms in front of you as you descend. For example, when you’re horizontal and facing down, your arms should point toward the floor.

Flex your knees and lean forward a bit as you land. On impact your back should be straight with your arms extended horizontally.


  • Always have a spotter and use a cushioned landing mat when you’re learning the layout flyaway.

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