Apply a little clear mascara to your brows as they grow back in.

How to Lighten Eyebrow Color

by Dan Ketchum

If you've recently switched to the perfect new hair color, the look just isn't complete if your eyebrows don't match. Mind you, this beauty trick isn't reserved for dyed hair; regardless of your up-top do, lightening your eyebrows brings out the eyes and has a softening effect on the entire face.

Put a dime-sized amount of activator, which should come with the crème hair bleach kit, on the included tray or in the included cup using the miniature spatula-like applicator, also included with the kit. Mix in about half the amount of bleach until the combination achieves a fluffy consistency.

Cover your eyebrows entirely with a light, even coating of the activator-bleach mixture using the applicator. You shouldn't be able to see the hair on your brows underneath the mixture. Avoid getting the solution in your eyes, and allow it to set for about two minutes.

Remove the mixture from your brows with a clean cloth lightly dampened with warm water. Wipe upward to avoid getting bleach in your eyes. Wash the area with a gentle facial cleanser and rinse it thoroughly with cool water. Pat your face dry before opening your eyes and apply your favorite facial moisturizer.

Repeat the process if you'd like to lighten your eyebrows further. You'll typically have to lighten your brows once every six to eight weeks as your natural color returns.

Items you will need

  • Crème hair bleach kit (for face)
  • Tray or cup
  • Spatula/applicator
  • Clean cloth
  • Gentle facial cleanser
  • Facial moisturizer
  • Brow gel (optional)
  • Eyebrow mascara (optional)


  • Don't match your eyebrows exactly to your hair color, whether natural or dyed. For medium-brown to black hair, go one or two shades lighter than your hair. For light blonde to light-brown hair, keep your eyebrows one or two shades darker.
  • Apply eyebrow mascara for a quick, temporary and subtle lightening. Use the mascara's wand to blend the product evenly into the hair of your eyebrows, starting in the center of the eyebrow and thinning the product out as you reach the edges of your brows.


  • Always read and follow any directions or warnings provided by the beauty product's manufacturer.
  • Make sure the crème hair bleach is safe for use on your face -- the packaging will contain this info.

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