Zebra-patterned accessories add interest to your home.

Lime Green, Black & White Room Themes

by Josh Arnold

A black and white color scheme is as classic as you can get. The timeless decor duo is appropriate for any room in your home, from the master bedroom to a bathroom. As an added bonus, a black and white combination is also gender neutral. To liven up the look, add a few lime green touches. Not only will lime green add a pop of color to a room, it will allow you to get more creative with the decor theme.

Exotic Style

Not only can a black and white color scheme look classy, it can look exotic as well. Decorate the room with a black and white zebra-striped couch, love seat or wing back chair, depending on how much space you have. As another option, you can add excitement to a plain black or plain white couch or chair by placing a zebra-print rug in the room. Decorate with vibrant lime green touches, such as pillows, picture frames and curtains.

Graphic Designs

The black, white and bright green trio was made for bold, graphic patterns. If you're decorating a bedroom, choose a white comforter with black and lime green designs, such as circles, squares or stripes. In the living room or bathroom, hang black, white and lime green curtains with graphic designs. Other graphic pattern decor items include artwork, chair cushions, rugs, tablecloths and shower curtains. When decorating with eye-catching designs, it's important to throw some single-colored items, such as a black couch or a white rug, into the mix as well.

Modern Look

It's easy to achieve a modern decor look with a black, white and lime green theme. Complement the color scheme with sleek elements, such as silver and glass. For instance, place a black, white and green comforter on a bed, hang green curtains, and pick a night stand with silver legs and a glass top. You can complete the look with a shiny silver headboard. In the living room, choose a silver entertainment system and floor lamps featuring silver bases.

Touch of Whimsy

The color trio is also ideal for adding a touch of whimsy to a child's room or a nursery. If you're decorating a nursery and don't know your baby's gender, black, white and lime green will work for both baby boys and girls. Look for a white quilt with black and lime green stripes, and hang coordinating curtains. In your daughter's room, tie a black and white polka dot ribbon into a bow around a lime green lamp shade for a fast and inexpensive update. Other themed whimsical designs include frogs, grasshoppers, parrots and fluffy clouds. For a boy's room, you can create silhouettes of airplanes, cars and construction vehicles using black construction paper or card stock and hang them on the wall.

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