Separate sleeping carriers can help the twin who's resting to stay asleep.

List of Things Needed for Newborn Twins

by Christina Schnell

Even before they're born, preparing for the birth of twins can seem doubly challenging. Most of the items necessary for twins are the same ones needed for a singleton but in larger amounts. Other items, however, may be especially useful when managing more than one newborn. As your twins grow older, you'll find that additional items become necessary, but for the time being, you can save yourself a lot of money and hassle by simply focusing on what you need during the first few months.


Be sure to purchase enough diapers; expect each baby to use 10 or more per day for the first few weeks. Stock up on several containers of wipes, diaper cream and a few bottles of antibacterial foam for your hands. A box of several dozen disposable, paper diaper pads that cover the fabric changing pad can also be quite handy. Two babies means twice the amount of pee spraying and diaper blowouts, and when you're changing two newborns all day and night, a disposable cover is much easier to change than laundering a fitted fabric covering every time there's a little spill. A diaper pail that seals off the dirty diapers each time you open the lid can be especially helpful for odor control.

Carriers and Cribs

You'll need two of everything normally necessary for holding or transporting a baby. This includes two cribs, two car seats, two bassinets (optional) and two rocking swings (also optional but very desirable). Wearable carriers and slings that accommodate two infants are also available for purchase online and in specialty baby stores. A double stroller is another helpful item to have before bringing home your twins. An extra-large diaper bag is an essential for any new parent of twins every time you leave the house.

Bedding and Clothing

Each baby needs approximately six onesies (or pajamas), several pairs of socks, six seasonally appropriate outfits, plus sweaters, hats and outerwear, if it's winter. Remember that young infants expel a lot of bodily fluids, so limit the number of dressy outfits you purchase and stick to the basics. Six sets of crib sheets and changing pad covers can make laundry easier with two little ones. Gauzy swaddling blankets are necessary for swaddling, but skip any other plush or fleece blankets that could pose a suffocation risk.


If you plan on breastfeeding, a breast pump and milk storage bags can make the process easier. To feed the twins the milk you've stored, you'll also need several bottles, bottle brushes and a bottle drying rack. For formula-fed twins, remember that you can never have too much formula on hand. Keep your eye out for sales and stock up. Since it's much easier to change a bib or burp cloth than an entire outfit, it's best to purchase dozens of both items and save yourself the constant laundry duty.


Since twins need soothing at random times throughout the day, it's helpful to keep a few items on hand just in case. Purchase several pacifiers and wash them regularly. Two activity mats can help keep the twins occupied and active once they're a few months old. If they share a room, a white noise machine can soothe a fussy infant while simultaneously preventing the other twin from waking up.


Some parents find using a bottle warmer helpful for feeding thawed breast milk; however, this is hardly a requirement. By the same token, some parents find that warming the baby wipes with a wipe warmer makes changes less upsetting for everyone, though other parents find these devices don't make much of a difference. A humidifier or fan may also prove helpful in making the babies' room comfortable, depending on the climate where you live.

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