He may be waiting for an opportunity to take your friendship to a loving level.

How to Know If a Longtime Friend Likes You

by Nina Edwards

Since you’ve known your friend for a long time, you are familiar with how he behaves -- and therefore in a good position to be able to detect changes in his feelings toward you. If you are interested in exploring a deeper relationship with him, you will want to recognize signs that he likes you as more than a friend. Or, you may need to be able to decipher these signs in order to let him know gently that you still want to remain friends, although you’re not willing to go further.

A Gentle Touch

You can often recognize the signs of growing attraction by a man's physical distance to you, according to a journal article by Susan Sprecher entitled “Insiders Perspectives on Reasons for Attraction to a Close Other.” If he starts hanging around you more than he did previously, and wanting to be in your company more and more often, it’s a sign he probably wants to be more intimate with you. He may even begin to find reasons to come over to your place at odd times for seemingly random reasons. If so, he may be broadcasting his intentions.

A Sly Glance

Recognizing his increasingly intimate body language will also help you to decode whether he likes you or not, suggests Lubomir Lamy Ph.D. on "Psychology Today" online. Physical signs include smiling at you, looking at you and then looking away quickly when you notice him, and constantly watching you when he thinks you are not looking. These are some of the body language signs that will let you know he is ready to delve into a deeper relationship with you.

Feelings Handled With Care

If he becomes unusually sensitive to your feelings and needs, and wants to consider you above himself, it’s a sign that he likes you as more than just a friend, according to an article on YourTango by Janet Zimmerman entitled “Love: Seven Undeniable Signs He Loves You.” He’ll show you that he truly cares about your feelings more than before by constantly asking how you are, making sure that he is never nasty to you and often going out of his way to try to make you feel better when you’re feeling down. He’ll go beyond the normal friendship caring behavior that you expect.

An Opening Book

A man that is interested in pursuing more than just a friendship may suddenly become a lot more open and honest with you about personal issues. It’s a sign he feels more confident with you and is happy to talk to you about anything which he wasn’t willing to do before when he considered you just a friend. He’ll be honest about his past even if it means revealing some skeletons in his closet about previous relationships, says Zimmerman. He wants you to know about these so you’ll see that he trusts you and he hopes you’ll trust him too.

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