Looking good for your husband when he returns home can set the tone for your reunion.

How to Look Good When a Husband Comes Home From Deployment

by Nina Edwards

No matter how much your husband misses you, your reunion with him will be sweeter if you look good when he comes home from deployment. The months that he has been away have been hard, but he has not only experienced the stress of the mission but also may feel that he left the job undone. He likely wants to enter into a good emotional space as soon as he sees you, and how you look when you meet is one factor that will help him to get there. Looking good will not only make him happy, it may also help you to feel better as you wait to finally be in his arms again.

The Long Wait

His deployment has been difficult for you, too. Deployments are tough on military spouses and often result in stress and sleepless nights, says Rick Nauert, Ph.D. in “Mental Health Issues Among Wives of Deployed” on Psych Central. But you are probably very proud of your husband. Looking good will help to ease his mind about having left you for so long, and it will also help your emotional state as well.

Happiness Helps

When you see him, be sure to greet him with your best attitude and a warm, genuine smile. If he experienced any trauma while deployed, then your smile and happiness are more than window dressings. He is at a higher risk of experiencing severe mental health issues if he slips into a negative emotional space early after his return home, says Laura Meis et al. in a 2010 study in the “Journal of Traumatic Stress.” Your social support is crucial during this vulnerable time. Taking care of yourself and being happy will be extremely attractive to him and will foster positive emotions in both of you. Use the time before your reunion to work on any personal issues that could be hindering your happiness.

Work Out

You will look good for him when he returns from deployment if you exercise. Going to the gym is great, but it is not the only option. You can take up running or riding a bike, or stay home and find aerobic routines online. Not only will you look better for him, but research shows that you will also feel better. In “Depression and Anxiety” from the Mayo Clinic, the staff found that exercise releases endorphins, reduces immune system chemicals that can lead to depression, and increases body temperature, which has a calming effect. He will notice your efforts and will love what he sees.

Grooming Matters

Not every aspect of attractiveness takes weeks or months to achieve. You can look better almost instantly if you improve your grooming, says Jeremy Nicholson, Ph.D. in “Being Beautiful or Handsome is Easier Than You Think” in Psychology Today. So be sure to take the time to style your hair nicely, wear a flattering outfit, and put on that new perfume that you have been dying for him to smell so that when he sees you he will be blown away.

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