Lake Bell pairs an oversized sweater and denim jeans with comfortable boots.

How to Look Good on a Lazy Day

by Sara Cantu

Sporadic lazy days are a necessity when you're always on the go, and sometimes a quiet day at home is the best reward you can give yourself. But just because you're feeling lazy doesn't mean it has to show. Plenty of chic and stylish outfits feature comfortable pieces to wear at home or to a casual office. Whether it's a cozy dress or perfectly worn-in denim jeans, dress yourself in comfy clothing that allows you to bask in laziness unfettered.

Dress Down

Whether it's around town or in the comfort of your own home, a stylish and cozy dress is key to looking put-together with minimal effort. Cotton jersey dresses are soft and stylish, so throw on a solid-colored or printed dress for a laid-back yet presentable look. Maxi dresses are glamorous yet ideal for lounging.

Leggings and Jeggings

Comfortable yet fashionable leggings are ideal when you want to look polished but easygoing. Black knit leggings and denim jeggings are form-fitting and appropriate for home or a quick trip around town. Pair leggings with stylish tunics and oversized sweaters, and finish the look with chic boots or smoking flats. For a hint of added glamour, add a printed scarf or metallic skinny belt. A slicked-back updo and large sunglasses will up the ante on these classic ensembles.

Your Favorite Pair

All women should have a go-to pair of denim jeans that fit like a glove and provides instant comfort. Lazy days are the perfect time to bring this pair of jeans out of the closet. With a soft V-neck T-shirt, a worn-in tank top or a chunky knit sweater during the winter, the perfect jeans will leave you cozy and comfortable, all while looking presentable for whatever the day has in store.

Short and Sweet

Elastic waist shorts in colors and prints are sure to keep you comfortable yet stylish on a lazy day. Wear a pair of basic knit shorts in black with a vintage T-shirt to a simple ribbed tank top. Transform the look with cool accessories, such as a fedora or a pair of wedges. Stock up on styles, textures and patterns for a slew of comfortable yet chic outfit possibilities.

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